For the upcoming S/S '18 season, I had been gifted a suit of my choice from Moss Bros! Following on from the shoot I partnered up with them last Winter, it was a great feeling to have been approached by them again. 

I have never really been a 'suit' person, instead, I would perhaps wear a blazer on its own with a pair of jeans or some suit trousers with a biker jacket to add a twist, so it was rather new and fresh to me to wear a full 3 piece suit but it's safe to say I definitely felt more sophisticated and strong! 

I chose the Skinny Fit Khaki Suit which now comes with a Free Shirt & Tie of your choice! I chose this Suit as I felt the colour was different to anything I own myself and I felt that it was a fresh choice in time for S/S! Myself and Matt McCormick went to Granary Wharf in Leeds and found a run down area to contrast against the sharp, strong suit. I am very happy with the images, and I hope you all like the images too!

© Photography: Matt McCormick

20180211_122015510_iOS (1).jpg
20180211_130020290_iOS (1).jpg
20180211_130409300_iOS (1).jpg
20180211_130423000_iOS (1).jpg
20180211_130435800_iOS (1).jpg
20180211_131506680_iOS (1).jpg
20180211_131518000_iOS (1).jpg
20180211_131645540_iOS (1).jpg
20180211_131806000_iOS (1).jpg
20180211_131841880_iOS (1).jpg
20180211_131916000_iOS (1).jpg


MOSS BROS || Skinny Fit Khaki Suit

TOPMAN || White Muscle Fit Stand Collar Oxford Shirt

NEXT || Oxford Brogue

Have you shopped with Moss Bros before? If so, what did you buy? What do you think to my choice of suit? Do you like the images that Matt took? Do let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you, and don’t forget to click that like button! Also, to see my previous post with Moss Bros, click here!




A few years ago I studied Art & Design and specialised in Graphics, so I have always had an eye for Graphics which has come into play in terms of my blog and my branding but whilst having a blog has been absolutely incredible, I haven't really been in touch with my 'creative' side as much as I would have liked to!

When Reeves contacted me with regards to creating a Valentine's post, I was immediately planning out what I could do in terms of the creativity and it has been so fun tapping into my creative side again! 

Image (1).png

I decided to create a card which may sound a little simple but I wanted to imitate my font across the card and it's not been as easy as it may look given how intricate my font is... After several attempts I finally felt I had produced a card that best matched my font and to create this, I used:


I chose to go for the Pastels as I like how soft the final finish is and how effective it is!

Within the Pastel Paper Pack you get 16 A4 pieces of Pastel Paper, all of which are acid-free and multi-coloured. 4 sheets of Yellow, White, Green and Blush. The Soft Pastels has 12 colours all of which range from black, greens, blues, reds and oranges right through to the lighter colours of yellow and white.

To find out more about Reeves, click here!

Do you like my card? Did I match my font well enough? Have you used any of Reeves products before? If so, which ones? Will you be creating your own Valentines card this year? Do let me know your thoughts as I would love to hear from you and don't forget to click that 'like' button below!

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Despite being single, Valentine's is always one of my favourite times of the year, perhaps I'm just a romantic at heart, or because I like to see all of the special Limited Edition packaging? Either way, I'm a fan! For this Valentine's Gift Guide I have compiled a few fragrances ranging from luxury to high street and quirky to special! Whether you're single like me, why not treat yourself to one of these? I won't tell if you don't...

Image (3).png



JOOP - WOW! // £39

An oriental fragrance that is guaranteed to get you noticed! Featuring notes such as - Orange Blossom, Spiced Cinnamon and Tonka Bean.

Purchase here!

Image-2 (1).png


Geza Schoen by Project Renegades is an absolute gem. Designed to be unconventional and proudly different, I can safely say it is exactly that! Designed to create a whole portrait of a tree, it features the notes of Pink Pepper, Lemon, Juniper, Moss, Incense and Sandalwood.

Purchase here!



An elegant and sharp fragrance which features notes such as - Bergamot, Artemisia, Coriander and Cumin. Best worn for daytime!

Purchase here!

Image (5).png


A woody fragrance which features many notes such as - Lavender, Pink Pepper, Geranium, Suede and Ambery Woods!

Purchase here!

Image-2 (2).png


One of my personal favourites, a bold and sensual fragrance! Best worn on an evening.

Purchase here for Mens and here for Womens!


Image (4).png


A unisex fragrance in which it has been created around one ingredient: Vetiveryle Acetate. Best worn throughout the daytime! 

Purchase here!



A fragrance designed to evoke strength, tenderness, modernity and tradition. I find this can be worn throughout the daytime and has long lasting power!

Purchase here!

Image (6).png


Have you smelt any of these featured in my Gift Guide? Has this Gift Guide inspired you in any way and introduced you to some new fragrances? What sort of fragrances do you like to wear? Let me know your thoughts as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click the 'like' button below!




No Valentine's would be complete without some heavenly chocolates and what better gift than the Hotel Chocolat's 'Valentine Chocolate Box'!?

Filled with 27 delicious bite-sized treats ranging from heart-shaped caramels, fruits, tipples and pralines, these are the goodies inside!

  • Perfect in Pecan
  • Rasberry Daiquiri
  • Champagne
  • Vanilla
  • Chilli Caramel
  • Passion Fruit
  • Salted Caramel Kiss
  • Nuts about Raspberry
  • Salted Espresso

Each chocolate flavour comes 3 times, ideal for sharing with your loved one and that cheeky third one could be an extra treat for yourself, right? I won't say if you don't...

To purchase Hotel Chocolat's incredible Valentine Chocolate Box, click here!

Have you shopped with Hotel Chocolat before? Which is your favourite chocolate? Will you be treating your other half to this Valentine Chocolate Box? Or will you be treating yourself!? Do let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you and don't forget to click the 'like' button!





Having bleached my hair a month or so ago, I have noticed the condition of my hair is a little dry, quite fine and if there's one thing that it lacks, it's volume! To combat this problem, I have recently been trialling the Anti-Gravity Powder Styler by Fudge Urban in the hope that my hair will appear thicker and more voluminous.

I applied the Anti-Gravity Powder onto clean hair and at first glance, this did look like Talcum Powder! I then sprinkled the Powder onto the roots of my hair and gently rubbed in until the desired effect began to take shape. Instantly my hair had more of a lift and shape and I found it easy to style!

The effect was matte which was an instant winner in my eyes as I prefer products that make my hair appear matte as opposed to shiny. For me, the Anti-Gravity Powder lasted nearly all day and if and when my hair started to lose shape, I found it easy to restyle!

You can purchase the Anti-Gravity Powder Styler here.

I will be reviewing a lot more haircare products by Fudge Urban over the upcoming months so do keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts on whether or not you've tried the Anti-Gravity Powder Styler before and if so, what did you think to it? Have you tried any Fudge Urban haircare products? Which ones? Don't forget to click that 'like' button below!




For the past month or so I have been using a few skincare products from Mario Badescu and have been implementing these into my nighttime skincare routine! I received a rather large bundle which was very exciting but for my nighttime routine, I chose to stick to just three products to test out if this combination worked... 



  1. Enzyme Cleansing Gel
  2. Aloe Vera Toner
  3. Hyaluronic Moisturiser

Papaya and Grapefruit are both infused together to create this Cleansing formula which helps to remove excess oil whilst refreshing and cleansing the pores of the skin. I began my routine with the Enzyme Cleansing Gel to remove any product on my face prior to this and dampened my skin first. I then massaged the Cleansing Gel gently onto my skin and then washed off with warm water afterwards. Over the course of a few nights my skin felt smoother and I liked how the Cleansing Gel didn't dry out my skin! You can purchase the Enzyme Cleansing Gel here.

Once I had used the Enzyme Cleansing Gel, I then used the Aloe Vera Toner to soothe and cool my skin from having just cleansed it. Alcohol-free, fragrance-free and free from any rough chemicals, I poured a little amount onto a cotton circular pad and gently massaged this in circular motions in an outward direction. This felt gentle on my skin and really cleaned out any dirt/impurities making my face look overall much cleaner and refreshed! You can purchase the Aloe Vera Toner here.

For the final step of my Nighttime Routine with Mario Badescu, I then needed to get some moisture back into my skin to keep it hydrated which is where the Hyaluronic Moisturiser came in! I go through a lot of moisturisers to review for my blog but I have to say, the Hyaluronic Moisturiser is definitely a new firm favourite! My skin had a radiant glow and a few of my friends commented on my skins appearance afterwards too! The texture of the moisturiser is a little thick but not too dense, and I found that the moisturiser absorbed really well into the pores of my skin also and didn't create a shiny effect, more of a healthy glow. You can purchase the Hyaluronic Moisturiser here.


Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed using these three products by Mario Badescu and have since noticed a huge difference with my skin! As I mentioned previously, a few of my friends have since commented on my skins appearance saying how 'fresh faced' I appeared and I've noticed a difference in terms of my skins texture too. Much more smoother and hydrated! I look forward to trying out the next batch of Mario Badescu goodies and will share my thoughts on those with you very soon...

Have you tried any products from Mario Badescu before? Have you tried any of the ones I've mentioned here? If so, which ones? Do you have any recommendations that I should try out and would like to see me review? Let me know if so, and hopefully I will be able to! Do comment your thoughts below as I love to hear from you, and don't forget to click that 'like' button!




Antonio Gatti offer a wide array of Men's clothing ranging from Coats, Blazers and Jackets right through to Footwear and Accessories. I was recently contacted by the brand and was offered an item from their website to select and I chose the Men's Slim Fit Wool Coat B116!

I chose this coat as I favour tailored coats and felt this would best reflect my style and wanted to give a laidback feel to the overall look by pairing it with some tailored trousers and white trainers! The coat itself was incredibly warm and I liked the detailing on the coat such as the tan leather patches on the elbows. These are detachable also and won't affect the quality of the coat either!

Matt McCormick and I went back to our first ever location that we shot together at Brewery Wharf and despite the freezing temperatures, I felt rather wrapped up within this coat! I hope you like the images and it would be great to hear your thoughts!

© Photography: Matt McCormick



ANTONIO GATTI || Men's Slim Fit Wool Coat B116

RIVER ISLAND || Black Roll Neck Jumper

ASOS || Slim Smart Trousers

NEXT || Tab Trainers 

Have you shopped with Antonio Gatti before? If so, what did you buy? Do you like my choice of coat? Do you like the images we took? Let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you, and don’t forget to click that like button! 

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