Ahead of National Grooming Day tomorrow on August 18th, I wanted to tell you about my experience with 'Nostril Waxing' courtesy of Nad's! I had heard about this treatment a couple of months ago and had always thought that it sounded incredibly painful, but having tried this out on myself I must admit, it wasn't as bad as I thought...

Before application, it is imperative to make sure that your nasal hairs aren't any longer than 2-3mm as this will only feel more painful when waxing. Once you have cleaned your nostrils with a tissue, heat up the wax in the microwave for 2 minutes and then carefully dip the SafeTip into the wax, but do not dip down to the base of the wax pot! Just a small coverage will do the trick.

Once you have the wax placed upon your SafeTip, it can be a slightly messy process when it comes to the wax dripping off, so be quick! You then pull down on your upper lip and carefully insert the SafeTip inside of your nostril and you leave this inside for 90 seconds. After 90 seconds has passed, pull down the applicator in a quick and fast motion, as this will be more effective! When I pulled down the applicator, I didn't find it to be painful as such, but I found that it was more of a shock than anything... 

The after effect felt a little numb for a while but felt much cleaner, and all of the little nasal hairs that were present before had gone! I found that the build up prior to the nostril waxing was more daunting than the process itself. Quick, easy and painless, albeit slightly messy!

You can also use the other end of the applicator and use the spatula end to remove any hairs on the top of your nose. I don't particularly have many hairs on the top of my nose, so I didn't get the chance to use this, however, if you have used this before then do let me know how you got on!

You can purchase the Nose Wax Kit from Nad's here! Also, check back soon for more waxing by Nad's...

Have you tried Nostril Waxing before? How did you find it? Will you be trying this method out? Let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear about your experiences with waxing, and don't forget to click the 'like' button!

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The Conditioning Beard Wash by Anthony claims to turn your facial hair from Shag Carpet to Red Carpet. That's a pretty bold statement right? Well, they wouldn't be wrong...

Containing the ingredients such as Bilberry Fruit extract which is used to naturally exfoliate and cleanse your beard. Rosemary and Blackcurrant which both help any itchiness to your skin caused by dryness, and then Coconut Oil which helps to soften, condition, and to detangle your beard hair. 

Before application, I cleansed my face which left my beard damp, and I then placed a small pea-sized amount into the palms of my hands which I began to massage into my face, and facial hair.

My beard can often feel coarse at times, and when left looking slightly unruly, it can cause irritation on my skin! As the Beard Wash began to lather upon my face, I could feel that my facial hair felt softer and more nourished. I particularly liked how easy this was to wash off also, and the scent left my facial hair smelling clean and fresh!

With every purchase of Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash, a portion of the proceeds from the sale is then donated to Prostate Cancer Research. All in all, a great way to tame your beard whilst doing your bit for charity!

You can purchase the Conditioning Beard Wash here, and be sure to check out my review on the 'Wake Up Call Treatment Gel'!

Have you tried the Conditioning Beard Wash from Anthony before? If so, how did you find it? Have you tried any products by Anthony? Which ones? Do let me know your thoughts, and don't forget to click that 'like' button below. I would love to hear from you all!




Maison Margiela: Replica fragrances continue to be a firm staple of mine when it comes to my favourite scents, and whilst the Replica Collection seems to be ever-growing, I was rather intrigued by the 'Gender Anonymous' range, mainly due to the unique and rather special naming of each fragrance!

Within the Gender Anonymous/Eau de Parfums collection, comes 4 different fragrances:

  1. Across Sands
  2. Dancing On The Moon
  3. Flying
  4. Soul Of The Forest

Out of the range I received: 

Soul Of The Forest

  • Top Notes: Blackcurrant, Pimento, Moss
  • Middle Notes: Labdanum, Maple Sap, Balsam Fir
  • Base Notes: Incense, Patchouli, Atlas Cedar

Soul Of The Forest is exactly that. Everything you could imagine in a deep, dense forest which comes alive during the first spray! The sweetness of the Blackcurrant note settles down into a woodier, with a musky feel to the scent that then begins to dry down with the spiciness of the Incense note blending with Patchouli, giving it that earthy yet spicy feel to the fragrance.

In terms of the longevity, this was rather disappointing as it didn't seem to last very long, around 3-4 hours before finally fading away! Despite this, the scent itself is incredible, and I would recommend this to anyone who is after a 'green' fragrance!

You can purchase Soul Of The Forest here.

Across Sands

Fragrance Notes: Oud, Dates, Spices

Across Sands is a sweet yet dark fragrance that begins with a bold, spicy opening that slowly shifts to a more warmer scent with the Oud note coming through in a subtle, but bold way. This fragrance to me is incredibly rich and sensual, and is absolutely a show-stopper!

I have gained many a compliment from having worn this, and I found the longevity of Across Sands to last up to 7 hours on my skin. In terms of the sillage, this packs a punch and I would advise using this perhaps on a cool Summers evening. I am eager to see how this performs on my skin throughout the colder Autumnal seasons, so be sure to check back for an update!

You can purchase Across Sands here.



Between the two, Across Sands has to be my preference of choice due to its richness and how bold the overall fragrance feels upon my skin! Don't forget to check out my other reviews on Maison Margiela Replica fragrances such as By The Fireplace and Filters.

Have you smelt Across Sands or Soul Of The Forest before? What are your thoughts on them? Do you have a preference? Have you smelt any of the other Gender Anonymous fragrances? If so, which ones? Let me know your thoughts below, as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click that 'like' button below!




Clinique recently teamed up with the world-renowned Interior Designer; Jonathan Adler, to create a limited edition collection, featuring some of Clinique's Best Sellers from both the Makeup range, and their Beauty Tools such as the Sonic System Cleansing Brush! For the Limited Edition collection, Jonathan says he felt inspired by the 'Jet-Set Glamour' and wanted his pieces to reflect that.

I recently met up with the lovely Beth from Clinique in London a couple of weeks ago, and whilst I was there, she very kindly gave me a bundle of skincare products to try out, (keep your eyes peeled for more very soon!) Alongside all of the products, I also received the Sonic System Cleansing Brush, which is what I will be reviewing in this post. 

This was the first time that I had used a Cleansing Brush before, and I know this may sound a little dramatic, but I wasn't sure what to expect with using one as I had read and heard mixed reviews about them! Regardless, I am always up for trying out new products, especially from Clinique!

I used the Cleansing Brush last thing at night, to remove any moisturiser or skincare products that I had on throughout the day. I applied the Face Scrub with this, to maximise the results, but please note, you can use different cleansers with the Cleansing Brush! I massaged the Cleansing Brush around my face with the white bristles, and then with the green bristles, I massaged onto my T-Zone.

If I'm honest, I didn't find much difference between the white or green bristles, however, the angled tip of the Cleansing Brush does allow the Brush to get into those problematic areas! The texture and how it felt upon my skin felt very soft, without much pressure being applied, and my skin had a radiant glow afterwards!

You can purchase the Limited Edition Jonathan Adler Cleansing Brush here, but be quick because once they're gone, they're gone! Don't forget to read my other Clinique reviews such as the 2-In-1 Skin Hydrator + Beard Conditioner, Fresh Pressed 7 Day System and the Maximum Hydrator!

Have you shopped with Clinique before? If so, what have you purchased? Which is your favourite product by Clinique? Have you used their Cleansing Brush? How did you find it? Do let me know your thoughts below, as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click the 'like' button!




Estée Lauder's latest range; Nutritious Micro-Algae, comes in the form of 4 brand new products, all of which have been crafted to get rid of any of the impurities on your skin caused by pollution and the stresses of everyday life! 

Within the range, each product features the Triple Algae blend, which has been cold-processed and specially cultivated to preserve those key nutrients within them:

  • Chlorella - An emerald green, freshwater micro-algae rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
  • Spirulina - A blue-green micro-algae loaded with protein and vitamins including phytonutrients.
  • Laminaria Saccharina - A brown macro-algae rich in chlorophyll, beta-carotene, and polyphenols.

All of the products contain the signature scent of Micro-Algae which is a garden-fresh interpretation of leafy green vitality! 



I applied the Purifying Cleansing Jelly in the morning as my first skincare product to allow the cleanser to clear any dirt that my skin may have picked up overnight, and I also applied the cleanser at nighttime.

My skin felt much smoother and cleaner, and the few problematic pores I have around my nose, appeared reduced! I also liked how the product lathered into a light foam, and found the cleanser to have a nice subtle scent! 

You can purchase the Pore Purifying Cleansing Jelly here.



I used the Pore Minimising Shake Tonic after using the Purifying Cleansing Jelly, and poured the Shake Tonic onto a clean cotton pad, which I then swept across my face. Out of the range, I found this to be my favourite due to how instant the results were.

My face appeared dewy and had a radiant, fresh faced look, whilst looking healthier! Out of the range, the Shake Tonic is the only one I found that had a slight 'clinical' scent which was slightly off-putting, but regardless of the scent, the product certainly did it's job by minimising my pores.

You can purchase the Pore Minimising Shake Tonic here.


I applied the Pore Minimising Hydra Lotion both in the morning and night, but found it was more effective on my skin first thing in the morning.

I liked how soft and smooth my skin felt afterwards, and I found out of the range that the Hydra Lotion was one that absorbed into my skin the easiest, and quickest!

You can purchase the Pore Minimising Hydra Lotion here.


The Pore Purifying Cleanser Bar has a 10 step process which takes place in Japan that takes over 60 days to complete.

A refreshing and unique cleanser, in the sense that I haven't had tried one out in the form of a 'soap bar' before!

I didn't notice much change with this product, however it did leave my skin with a clean and fresh scent!

You can purchase the Pore Purifying Cleansing Bar here.


Overall, I found the range to deliver results and is a range that has instant results! For more information on the range, click here. Also, be sure to check out my review on the world-renowned Synchronized Recovery Complex II!

Have you tried any of the products from the Nutritious Micro-Algae range before? If so, which one? What are your thoughts? Will you be looking to try any of these out? Do you have a favourite when it comes to Estée Lauder? Do let me know your thoughts below, as I would love to hear from you and don't forget to click the 'like' button!




I had recently been contacted by Jury's Inn Hotels to be a part of their INNSIDER programme, and to be their INNSIDER for Leeds. I am beyond flattered and I, of course, jumped at the opportunity! 

In recent years, I have found that Leeds seems to be growing at rapid speed, and is fast becoming the new 'place to be.' With many more shopping destinations to shop from, chic and quirky bars/restaurants opening up, and with upcoming future developments, I have to say that the overall buzz in Leeds, is infectious!

Leeds to me is very special, as it is the city in which I was born in, and visit almost once/twice weekly. I have many memories in Leeds, whether it is hitting the night scene, exploring new cafes/bars, break-ups and make-ups, but the one feature I love the most about Leeds, is despite how big the city is, it feels very close-knit. 

Over the next year, I will be working with Jury's Inn on a range of posts which will be featured upon their blog which I will share with you all as and when! I cannot wait to showcase Leeds to the best of my ability, and to hopefully show you all why it really is, the 'new place to be.' 

P.S. I'm not even going to apologise for the Leeds spam coming up on my Instagram feed...




I recently had the pleasure of being invited along to the Charlotte Tilbury concession within Harvey Nichols in Leeds, to try out their latest innovation; Unisex Healthy Glow. Having teamed up with Charlotte Tilbury earlier this year for my Valentine's Giveaway, I was rather excited to try this out!


Unisex Healthy Glow is a unisex tinted moisturiser that morphs to your natural skin tones which help to achieve that perfect, golden tan for both men and women!

The application of the Unisex Healthy Glow began by applying the cream between the palms of your hands and then massaging it upon your face. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my skin didn't need to be cleansed prior to application, as with tans that I have used before, I have always exfoliated and then applied. This is where the Unisex Healthy Glow differs...

Although it contains natural tan pigments within it, the cream isn't as dense nor as heavy as other tanning creams may be! I really liked how lightweight the cream felt upon my face, and the results were immediate. My face had a natural, radiant glow and the pasty whiteness of my face had a burst of colour back into it, without it being too obvious! Subtle, but noticeable.

Overall, I found the Unisex Healthy Glow a great way to be introduced to the Charlotte Tilbury brand, and one that many other men should be aware of!

I would also like to say a huge thank you to the team at Charlotte Tilbury at Harvey Nichols in Leeds for inviting me along! I had a lovely time with them, and they really helped me feel at ease whilst having the treatment. You can purchase the Unisex Healthy Glow here, and for more information on Charlotte Tilbury, click here!

Have you shopped with Charlotte Tilbury before? Have you used tinted moisturisers before? If so, how do you find them? Are they for you? Will you be trying out the Unisex Healthy Glow? Do let me know your thoughts below, as I would love to hear from you! Don't forget to click that 'like' button too!