I was looking through my fragrance wardrobe trying to find a fragrance that was ideal for the Spring/Summer seasons when it suddenly dawned on me... I had no fragrance deemed suitable enough! Most of my fragrances are all geared towards Autumn/Winter (my favourite seasons), so I hadn't prepared very well. That was until I came across Gypsy Water by Byredo!

Arguably the most distinctive, well-known and divisive fragrance from Byredo, Gypsy Water reminds me a lot of sweet lemonade. Bear with me on this.

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Pepper, Juniper
  • Middle Notes: Incense, Pine Needles, Orris Root
  • Base Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Gypsy Water opens up with the fresh and invigorating burst of the citrusy and woody notes of the Lemon and Bergamot blending with the Incense and Pine Needles, all of which make for an exquisite blend. As the dry-down takes place, the fragrance begins to feel sweeter on my skin and is ideal for the warmer Summer season!

Whilst the scent of Gypsy Water is beautiful and addictive, the longevity and projection of the scent, are equally disappointing. The fragrance lasted for up to 1 hour on my skin, and became very subtle after a few sprays. I found it to be a little frustrating in that sense, as I am a big lover of loud fragrances with a good staying power!

Despite the disappointment, I found the overall scent of Gypsy Water incredibly addictive which served as a good excuse to spray myself head to toe! I have also discovered that although the Gypsy Water performed a certain way on my skin, on countless others, it performed a different way. So don't let my disappointment affect your choice too much, and I would advise in getting a hold of a mini sample before purchasing.

You can purchase Byredo Gypsy Water here, and don't forget to read my reviews on other Byredo fragrances such as; Bibliothéque and Baudelaire!

Have you tried Gypsy Water before? How did you find the performance? Are you a fan of the scent? Have you tried any fragrances by Byredo? If so, which ones, and what are your thoughts? Do let me know, as I would love to hear from you and don't forget to click that like button down below!