I hold Viktor & Rolf; Spicebomb accountable for my love and passion for fragrances. I had bought Spicebomb when it had first been released back in 2012, and it was at a time where nobody else knew about the fragrance or had smelt it before. I felt as though I was onto something good, and bizarrely, I didn't want to disclose what aftershave I was wearing, simply because I wanted to keep this a secret, for as long as I could!

Naturally, with Spicebomb being extremely distinctive, and more people were falling in love with it, inevitably I couldn't escape from the fragrance! So when I had received the Spicebomb bundle of goodies, I felt I had come full circle.

The Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Barbershop bundle consists of: 

Admittedly, having a beard has meant that I have been unable to try out the Nourishing Pre-Shave Oil, and the Non Foaming Shaving Cream. However, if any of you out there have tried these, do let me know your thoughts on these two products down below!

The Spicebomb Eau De Toilette is outstanding when it comes to longevity! One of the few scents that last the longest upon my skin, and the sillage of this is heavy/enormous! If you're wanting to turn a few heads, then I would thoroughly recommend you try out Spicebomb. The Spicebomb Shower Gel surprised me a little due to having tried out 'fragrances turned shower gels' before and they've always lacked something, however, the Spicebomb Shower Gel stays true to the scent, and I feel that the Shower Gel adds a clean, scented layer to my skin!

Have you tried Spicebomb before? What are your thoughts? I'd be curious as to see if you have ever smelt their female version 'Flowerbomb' before on a female too? Do let me know, as I always love to hear from you!