This week has been Deaf Awareness Week and with being deaf myself and having deafness run deeply into my family's history on my Mother's side, it feels only right to spread awareness. One thing that is really important to me and what I want to do personally, is to break down barriers and the idea of how a deaf person should be.

  Illustration of me created by  Sagittarius_and_libra

Illustration of me created by Sagittarius_and_libra

I wanted to compile a list of all of the things that I believe people should be aware of when it comes to being deaf aware!

  • If a deaf person hasn't heard you the first time and asks you to repeat yourself, DON'T say 'Oh it doesn't matter anymore' or 'It's not important don't worry'. This can lead to them feeling isolated, small and as though their opinion or thoughts aren't needed. DO be patient, explain yourself clearly and as a last resort, perhaps write it down!


  • Whilst talking to somebody who is deaf, DON'T cover your mouth! Deaf people need to be able to see your mouth clearly in order to lip read and visually see the words that you are saying. 


  • During mid sentence, DON'T begin to walk off whilst still talking. As you get quieter, it becomes incredibly difficult for a deaf person to be able to hear you, especially if your back is turned!


  • DO make sure you are always facing them, and make an effort to move your mouth in a more expressive way, but DON'T go too OTT with this as you can look incredibly patronising leaving a deaf person feeling embarrassed and as though it is drawing attention onto them.


  • Whilst getting their attention, DON'T shout their name and expect them to turn around or answer as if a hearing person would. DO perhaps flick on a light switch, knock on a hard surface or become visible and in their eye line so they can visibly see you.


  • If you are about to watch a film or watch the TV, DO offer to turn the subtitles on for them. You may not necessarily want them on, but they will feel a part of the experience and included in on what is going on around them, plus, most subtitles are sat at the bottom of the screen and don't take up much room!


  • DON'T presume that just because a deaf person has good speech or can hear with their hearing aids in that it means that they're 'not deaf', everyone is different and there is a wide spectrum of deafness and with advanced technology available, this will still never take away their deaf identity.


  • DO ask questions about their deafness! Many deaf people will want to talk about it and let you know how they're feeling and many deaf people are proud of their community and want to show it off in any way they can!


I do hope that this has helped you and if you have any other points that you feel I should add onto this list, then don't hesitate to let me know! You can view my most recent YouTube video where I teach the basic Alphabet and Numbers in BSL so why not give it a try!? Click here to view. I would also like to thank Sagittarius_and_libra for this incredible illustration of me, I can't thank you enough!

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Yorkshire Soap Company was first established in 2004 by Marcus & Warren, who took inspiration from artisan sweet shops and the travelling circus. Using Marcus' experience as a chef, and Warren's retail experience, they began creating soaps around their kitchen table using only cake moulds and baking cases which then soon grew into something more, and 8 stores later, Yorkshire Soap Company has finally arrived in Harrogate! How it hadn't arrived earlier, I do not know...


I had been invited along to their Boutique Opening in Harrogate and having visited their Leeds store several times, I was excited to attend! One of my personal favourite items is the 'Amber' Luxury EDT, that they stock, proving that they stock only the very best. Sarah and I both went to the event together and as we were walking up, I couldn't help but notice a sweet smell radiating from the shop out onto the street! 


The first thing that I noticed when I entered the Boutique was the wide array of soaps all beautifully presented across a table and in the far corner of my eye, a unicorn! You could be forgiven for mistaking the soaps for mini cupcakes and other dainty treats as I know I certainly did...


I worked my way around the Boutique and one scent that stood out to me was their 'Yorkshire Lad' Soap Bar, primarily because I found the name to be charming and the scent itself woodsy yet refreshing and epitomised how I would imagine a 'Yorkshire Lad' to be! The Boutique itself felt intimate and with many delicious scents to choose from, you could easily find an excuse or two to pamper yourself, and what's better still, is that Yorkshire Soap Company products are all;

  • Made in Britain
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Never tested on animals
  • Delicately handmade
  • A proudly independent run business!

To find out more about Yorkshire Soap Company, and to view more of the products that they create and stock, click here!

Have you visited Yorkshire Soap Company before? If so, what did you think? Did you make any purchases? Do you have any favourites? Are there any you think I need to try? Do let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click that 'like' button below!




I always seem to suffer from a shiny, oily face after fake tanning, despite how sparingly I apply the tan.

Having had this problem, MaleSkin had kindly sent me a few products to try out from MYEGO, a natural skincare brand which is free from all bad ingredients and is suitable for all skin-types, including sensitive skin!

The products that I had received were;

Image (1).png
  • MYEGO: Cover Select Corrector - A crafty little concealer that aims to reduce puffiness and the discolouration of dark circles under the eyes. This concealer contains the ingredients; Pomegranate which helps to protect and repair tired looking skin, and Rooibos Tea which soothes and reduces puffiness around the eye area. I applied this last as part of my skincare routine before heading out to conceal those dark bags under my eyes! I found the application easy to use and found it was able to glide under my eyes smoothly. The shade was a little 'pinky' for what I'm used to, but after blending it in, it appeared natural looking and the discolouration had been reduced!
  • MYEGO: Matifiant Shine Rescue - Out of the three products that I received, this Matifiant Shine Rescue was my favourite. An ultra-fine powder that contains Bamboo Extract to remove pollutants and oil excess on the skin's surface, I found that the powder appeared very natural on my skin and managed to take away the shine, especially after fake tanning! The overall appearance of the powder left my skin looking healthy and I liked that the powder didn't stick to my skin too heavily and it left my skin with a matte finish!
  • MYEGO: Fonteint Tinted Moisturiser - A tinted moisturiser that contains Natural Jojoba and Shea Nut which will both sooth, enhance and even out your skin tone to create a healthy finish. I'll be honest, the shade of this tinted moisturiser was too dark for my natural skin tone, yet once I had fake tanned, it blended into my skin perfectly and was just the right shade! I liked how the tinted moisturiser didn't feel too dense nor heavy when applied and it didn't appear too obvious to others that I had been wearing anything on top of the fake tan which gave me a boost! 

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed trialling out these products by MYEGO and a little factor that I also liked about the brand, was their packaging. They all looked slick and well presented, and I liked that they each come in eco-friendly packaging which is naturally a plus in my eyes when it comes to the environment!

To purchase and learn more about these products by MYEGO, click here.

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I have previously reviewed the stunning fragrance; Myrrh & Tonka by Jo Malone before which can be read here, and having owned the fragrance now for more than a year, it is still to this date, one of my favourites and one that gains me many compliments. If you haven't had the chance to smell it yet, then where on earth have you been?


Myrrh & Tonka is now available in a Shower Oil and having tried this for the past month or so on my body, it has been the perfect way to layer up and add a bold boost to an already well-rounded fragrance. Containing Sunflower and Castor Seed Oils, these are used to help nourish and soften your skin whilst leaving a sublime scent of the Tonka Bean note blending beautifully with the warm Myrrh notes.

I applied the Shower Oil to my body whilst showering and found that the oil was easy to apply, my skin felt soft to touch and the scent of Myrrh & Tonka lingered on my skin for hours afterwards! To maximise the Myrrh & Tonka to its full advantage, I then applied a few sprays of the Myrrh & Tonka in fragrance form to create more of an impact!

To purchase Jo Malone - Myrrh & Tonka Shower Oil, click here. This Shower Oil also comes in the Velvet Rose & Oud scent!

To read more of my Jo Malone reviews, be sure to click on these links also on - English Fields,  English Oak & RedcurrantTobacco & MandarinDark Amber & Ginger Lily, and of course, Myrrh & Tonka!

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What I really like about the KMS website, is the ability to select your hair-type, your needs and what is most important to you when finding a product to suit your hair. Once selected from their menus, KMS then work out the best solution for you and match you up with their selected products!

KMS very kindly sent out two of their products for me to try;

Image-3 (1).png
  1. KMS: Hair Stay Hard Wax - I will admit, at first I found it rather hard to get some wax out of the tub which given by its name, I was expecting this to be the case, so I would advise you to keep pressing down until the wax softens which will then enable you to get a small amount from it. I then rubbed the Hard Wax into my hair and began to shape it into my desired hairstyle. The Hard Wax stayed upright in my hair throughout most of the day, however, as time went on it began to lose its shape a little but was easy to reshape again! I also liked that there was no product build-up and was easy to clean out when washed.
  2. KMS: Hair Play Dry Wax Hair Spray -  I found the scent of this hairspray sublime! It was incredibly fresh and citrusy without smelling like a typical hairspray so to speak. In terms of the hairspray itself, it was very fine and settled rather quickly. I liked that my hair didn't feel strawlike either which sometimes happens with other hairsprays I have tried before! My hairstyle stayed in place for the majority of the day but like the Hard Wax, was easy to reshape if my hair fell out of place a little. 

Overall, I found these two products by KMS easy to use, great to style and experiment with and I have finally found a hairspray that smells incredible as well as being effective!

To learn more about KMS click here.

Have you shopped with KMS before? If so, what did you purchase? What are your 'Hair Needs'? Did KMS manage to match you up with your correct solution? Let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click the 'like' button below!

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