2 years in blogging seems to have flown by ! ! !

My blog has made me overcome so many of my fears, such as going to places alone, meeting new people, trying to look natural in front of a camera whilst there's people watching... The list is endless, and I never imagined I would fall in love with blogging! I looked at it as something to pass the time with, and to talk about what I love every once in a while.

I had hoped to do a bigger, lengthier blog post today, but felt it would make me appear too soggy when I feel quite the opposite... A few months ago I remember feeling lost, and as though I no longer fitted in with the blogging world, but I now know exactly where I'm going, exactly what I'm doing, and exactly what I'm about.

So thank you. For all of your support, all of your comments, likes, thumbs up, thumbs down, as each of them spur me on to grow, and to do better each time. So guys, here's to another year! XX