The Conditioning Beard Wash by Anthony claims to turn your facial hair from Shag Carpet to Red Carpet. That's a pretty bold statement right? Well, they wouldn't be wrong...

Containing the ingredients such as Bilberry Fruit extract which is used to naturally exfoliate and cleanse your beard. Rosemary and Blackcurrant which both help any itchiness to your skin caused by dryness, and then Coconut Oil which helps to soften, condition, and to detangle your beard hair. 

Before application, I cleansed my face which left my beard damp, and I then placed a small pea-sized amount into the palms of my hands which I began to massage into my face, and facial hair.

My beard can often feel coarse at times, and when left looking slightly unruly, it can cause irritation on my skin! As the Beard Wash began to lather upon my face, I could feel that my facial hair felt softer and more nourished. I particularly liked how easy this was to wash off also, and the scent left my facial hair smelling clean and fresh!

With every purchase of Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash, a portion of the proceeds from the sale is then donated to Prostate Cancer Research. All in all, a great way to tame your beard whilst doing your bit for charity!

You can purchase the Conditioning Beard Wash here, and be sure to check out my review on the 'Wake Up Call Treatment Gel'!

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