I had been invited along to the store opening of Anthropologie, in the newly built 'Victoria Gate' in Leeds. A Women's and Lifestyle brand which features lots of home decor and delicate little items! I had been excited to attend the event for a while, primarily due to the fact Victoria Gate was opening up, and because I had been needing some interior inspiration for my studio room in which I film my YouTube content!


I took along my friend Daniel, and we made our way over to the pop-up bar (of course), where Pintura were providing the drinks. I opted for the white wine and we soon made our way around the store. The whole store was bustling, and with Christmas coming up, it felt the ideal opportunity to get as many ideas for presents as I could! Live music from Katie Dean accompanied the event perfectly, and gave the store a real easy-going feel to it.

It was only after having left the event, did I realise that Anthropologie is indeed part of the 'Urban Outfitters' family! As daft as it may sound, it makes a lot of sense now, with many similarities shared between them such as the 'bohemian, quirky' vibe each store has!

If you get a chance to visit the Anthropologie store, make sure you do! Situated in the newly built Victoria Gate within Leeds, however do not worry if you don't have a local store as you can still check out the Anthropologie website for more goodies! Also, as deafness plays a big part in mine and my family's lives, it was really lovely to see a 'Sign Language Chart' hung up on the wall!

Have you visited Anthropologie before? Have you bought anything from their store? What did you buy? Don't forget to hit the like button down below, and leave a comment as I love to hear from you guys!