I had planned on posting a different post tonight, and without revealing too much, you will have to check back on my thoughts on Tom Ford's latest fragrance next week! With a few changes recently, I felt like I was about to burst, so I just had to share my news with you all.

My Wedding Day Style post was part of a Debenhams competition, and the idea was to select 2-3 items of clothing from Debenhams, and then piece them together for the theme - 'Occasion Wear'. As you can see, I chose 'Wedding Day' as I felt it was perfect for this time of year and because primarily, I had been invited to a wedding later this year. Well.. I've only gone and won it haven't I!? I'm absolutely flabbergasted and as I'm writing this, I'm literally stifling in my excitement as currently everybody is working! It's always when you have major news to share with people, that there's nobody around right!?

Anyway, thank you so much to Debenhams for choosing me as one of your winners! Also a big congratulations to the other winner Faded Spring! I'm genuinely flattered and gobsmacked. I'd also like to tell you all, that it is currently just over a week away until this years UK Blog Awards! It only feels like yesterday when I found out I was a finalist in the Fashion + Beauty and Lifestyle categories! Be sure to check back my blog for all of the night's news and gossip. 

Oh, and a little side note, it is my birthday tomorrow (Friday 22nd April) so please, don't inundate my postbox with all of your presents and gifts for me. Okay, I'm kidding. Okay no I'm not.