With Father’s Day creeping up on us here in the United Kingdom, I had kindly been gifted a fragrance which would make for the ideal gift by Atelier Cologne; Cedre Atlas! A fragrance part of the Collection Azur which includes other fragrances such as: Figuier Ardent, Mandarine Glaciale and Sud Magnolia.


Atelier Cologne was created to be one of the first fragrance houses dedicating a whole fragrance collection entirely to colognes, allowing these fragrances to be worn as Pure Perfumes! Each fragrance has a different story and meaning behind it, which I find adds a level of intimacy and really allows you to understand how the fragrance is supposed to feel when sprayed upon your skin.


  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Blackcurrant

  • Middle Notes: Cedar, Jasmine, Apricot

  • Base Notes: Amber, Papyrus, Vetiver

‘On a cold winter day, you are taking a walk on a snowy forest path. The sky is clear and the sun shines through the bare trees. You take a deep breath, inhaling a fresh, woody scent that makes you feel warm inside.’

A fresh, woody fragrance that has a fine balance between the two! The opening is rather sharp with a fruity punch with the Bergamot and Blackcurrant notes coming through to start with, but shortly afterwards during the dry-down, Cedre Atlas then takes an interesting turn and becomes a much more colder, woodier fragrance. A complete contrast to its original opening!

In terms of the longevity, I must admit, I was slightly disappointed. I could only smell Cedre Atlas for around 3-4 hours on my skin however, I did gain a lot of compliments from wearing this! The projection I’d say is light to medium and given that the fragrance overall was quite light, I would recommend wearing this during the day.

A little tip: When you purchase the 30ml size, you also get a free leather case to go alongside it which can be personalised! To purchase Cedre Atlas click here, and to find out more about Atelier Cologne, click here!

Have you smelt any fragrances by Atelier Cologne before? If so, which one? Have you smelt Cedre Atlas before? What were your thoughts? Did you enjoy the fragrance? Let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you and don’t forget to click the ‘like’ button!