Autumn for me is a time to reassess yourself and work on improvements. Perhaps many people find that the month January is the time to do that, with the whole 'New Year, New Me' mindset, but I find that if you start to work on yourself now, by the time it comes to the New Year, you'll be ready. 

Without a doubt, Autumn has to be my most favourite season of the year, with the leaves changing colour to walking through them on the ground and hearing them rustle. The buzz in the air and the excitement for the many upcoming events such as Halloween and Bonfire Night, right down to the cold, brisk air which makes for a good excuse to throw on as many layers as possible!

I always find that as each year comes, I spend most of the Summer season hibernating away and I come out to play in Autumn/Winter! Does anybody else feel the same? As a celebration of Autumn, I have revamped my homepage and tweaked a few little things here on my blog, do you like it? I also have many things coming up this A/W so be sure to keep your eye out! 

The photographs below were taken a couple of years ago around Swinsty Reservoir in North Yorkshire/England and I find they best sum up how stunning Autumn really can be... 

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