A rather risqué blog post for you today, as I shall be talking about keeping your manhood smelling fresh and clean, without having to wash! You're intrigued now right? Thought so.

Now, I need to be clear. I do not advise going days without showering and not washing yourself, but there are those days when you just cannot be bothered right? You're not seeing anybody and you're not leaving the house that day, so what's the point? Until you get a message asking if you'd like to go for a drink or two and you're already getting ready, but there just isn't enough time to catch a shower...

This is where 'Below The Belt Grooming' comes in! I had been sent three of their products to try out; 

  1. Instant Clean Balls
  2. Fresh & Dry Balls
  3. Sport Lubricant (Groin Protection)

In this post I will be reviewing two of their products, as I am not a fellow sportsman, nor do I go to the gym regularly enough, so I haven't been able to try out their 'Sports Lubricant'. Having said that however, I will be making more of an effort to head to the gym soon, so perhaps there will be a new update on that!


This has been an eye opener for me. I was slightly dubious about trying this out beforehand, as I was unsure as to what sort of benefits it would do, and to see if it would make any sort of difference! The product doesn't have any sort of scent to it, instead masking any odours! The spray was easy to use and apply, and it felt very light and fresh 'down below', and most importantly, there was no irritation! You can purchase the Instant Clean Balls Spray here.


This gel is best applied after showering, as it helps to keep everything fresher, for longer. The gel was very lightweight, and similar to the Instant Clean Balls spray, it was also odourless. Fresh & Dry Balls absorbed itself well, and although at first there is a slight 'tingling' sensation, it soon fades and you start to forget that there has been anything applied! You can purchase the Fresh & Dry Balls Gel here.

I've definitely appreciated having these products around, especially for those early starts when I've accidentally slept in... You can check out their full range of products here!

Have you tried any of the Below The Belt Grooming products before? What do you think to the sound of these? Would you give these a try? Let me know your comments, and don't forget to click the like button!