A fragrance which evokes a Middle Eastern feel to it, in which as each layer is revealed, comes a captivating note which leaves you wanting more...

I cannot emphasise my new found love enough to you for the brand; Byredo! Having visited the Mr Porter Summer Social Event back in June, I received a goody bag filled with various items, and inside came two little samples of Byredo's; Mister Marvelous & Super Cedar. Instantly, I was hooked. Throughout the Summer months I found myself trying out lots of other fragrances, yet I was still drawn to those two little samples. In particular, the Super Cedar. 

As a huge lover of fragrance, I had got in touch with a few people and enquired on which Byredo fragrance had the following - 'spicy, powerful and in your face'. I took a gamble and bought the 'Baudelaire' fragrance as this is what had been suggested to me, without having ever smelt it. Luckily, it was a risk worth taking!

The notes which make up Baudelaire are;

  • Top Notes: Caraway, Juniper Berries, Pepper
  • Middle Notes: Hyacinth, Incense, Leather
  • Base Notes: Patchouli, Amber, Papyrus

The first spray is powerful and the Pepper notes blend with the Juniper Berries, whilst complimenting each other in the most perfect way. After around an hour or so, Baudelaire then takes a different direction, and becomes more intense and smokey with the Incense note remaining very prominent. Projection of Baudelaire is loud, and the sillage is enormous! I would say that the fragrance lasted for over 9 hours, which is majorly impressive.


Overall, my first (blind) fragrance from Byredo, and one that will remain a classic fragrance for me. Baudelaire is available in 50ml, and 100ml and you can purchase Baudelaire through GT Shopping! GT Shopping is a website that allows you to search for whatever it is you want, and direct you through to the correct website. It makes for easy use, and cuts out all of the hassle in tirelessly trawling through the internet to find it!

Have you smelt Baudelaire before? Have you tried any of the Byredo fragrances? Which is your favourite? Any you think I need to try out!? Let me know your comments down below, and don't forget to hit that like button!