It's that time of year again when one of my all-time favourite skincare brands have teamed up with chosen artists to design and create a festive feel for their limited edition packaging for Christmas! I am, of course, talking about Kiehl's! 


Kiehl's have teamed up with;

  • Disney - A special collaboration honouring the iconic Mickey Mouse celebrating love, laughter and legacy!
  • Kate Moross - An Art Director who has previously worked with Kiehl's a couple of years ago for a Limited Edition of the best selling Creme de Corps for Mothers Day. 

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple of the Limited Edition products such as;

  1. Disney: Creme de Corps - A super-enriched body treatment formulated with Beta-Carotene, Squalane and Nurturing Oils. This left my skin feeling hydrated and nourished, and the scent is heavenly! You can purchase this here.
  2. Kate Moross: Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner - Made with whole flowers and plant extract, an alcohol-free facial toner designed to combat problematic skin. I love how fresh faced my skin looked from having used this! To view the design, click here! Unfortunately this is sold out online but do check your local Kiehl's Boutiques as they may still have some left!
  3. Kate Moross: Midnight Recovery Concentrate - My all time favourite product by Kiehl's and one I have reviewed here before! This too has also sold out online, but to view the design, click here.

Whilst both designs are stunning and complete polar opposites, I must admit, that the Kate Moross designs were my favourite. I favour bold, strong designs and I liked how striking and modern these felt over the more traditional Mickey Mouse designs! 

Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream | Breakout Control Targeted Blemish Spot Treatment | Age Defender Moisturiser |  Creamy Eye Treatment | Midnight Recovery Concentrate | Facial Fuel | Age Defender Dual Action Exfoliating Cleanser

Did you manage to get your hands on either of the special Limited Edition designed products? If so, which one did you get? Which design do you like the best? The traditional Mickey Mouse? Or the modern Kate Moross? Have you tried any of the products mentioned? Which is your favourite? Do let me know your thoughts as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click the 'like' button below!