When it comes to fake-tanning, I want something that is relatively quick, fuss-free and one that looks as natural to a tan as fake-tan can be... If you agree with me on those three points, then I have a treat for you! I have recently been testing the new Tanning Booster by Clarins MEN, and I have to say, it covers most of those points!

The Tanning Booster is incredibly easy to apply, and is designed to be added and mixed with your daily facial moisturiser:

  • To begin with, take out your daily moisturiser and rather than massage into your face, place into the palm of your hand.

  • Once the moisturiser is in the palm of your hand, add 2-3 drops of the Tanning Booster to your moisturiser.

  • (Make sure you have unscrewed the lid off first... I made the mistake of not doing so, and it can be rather messy otherwise!)

  • Massage the moisturiser onto your face as normal.

  • Wash hands thoroughly after application.

  • It's that easy!


I applied the Tanning Booster first thing in the morning and I began to notice a slight change about 4-5 hours after application. I wouldn't necessarily say that it gives a 'tan' as such.. More of a 'sunkissed' look after a few hours outside. But there is definitely a boost of colour and so much so, that I have received a few compliments from having applied this! The one downside that I found to the Tanning Booster, was that unfortunately this has no protection against the Sun, so do be careful and make sure that you apply suntan lotion when out and about. 

I really enjoyed trying out the Tanning Booster by Clarins MEN, and would definitely recommend this for a 'natural, sunkissed' look! As stated, it is incredibly simple to use, and quick to apply! You can purchase Clarins MEN - Tanning Booster here.

Have you tried the Tanning Booster before? What were your thoughts? Did you find it worked for you? Have you tried any of the products by Clarins MEN? If so, which ones? Drop a comment down below as I love hearing from you guys, and don't forget to click that 'like' button!