During the warmer seasons, my beard tends to get a little dry and brittle! Whether that is down to lack of moisture, or perhaps not giving my beard the TLC that it deserves, I am unsure. Nevertheless, with Clinique sending out their '2 in 1 skin hydrator + beard conditioner', I was keen to try this out in the hopes of giving my beard a well needed boost of hydration!


I applied this first thing in the morning, just to give my skin a boost of moisture ready for my day's activities. I massaged the multi-benefit lotion into my skin, and found that application of the hydrator + beard conditioner to be relatively quick in terms of how well it absorbed! Admittedly, I didn't treat this lotion as a moisturiser, as I mainly focused on my dry areas that needed more moisture, and around my chin/beard area. 

The texture of the lotion is smooth, and felt rather light upon my skin. I will admit, that with any new product that it does take a couple of days to notice a difference, and the same goes for this. I began to notice a real difference after 4 days with my beard feeling softer, more nourished and not as brittle as before! 

Once again, another great product by Clinique For Men, and you can purchase the 2 in 1 skin hydrator + beard conditioner here. You can also read up on my other reviews by Clinique For Men on their Maximum Hydrator, and their new Fresh Pressed 7 Day System

Have you tried the 2 in 1 skin hydrator + beard conditioner? If so, what did you think? Did it work for you? Have you tried any products from Clinique before? Which one? Let me know your thoughts below, and don't forget to hit that 'like' button!