I am a huge fan of fragrances as you may know, and I average on 20 bottles per year... I like to mix them up, what can I say? With that being said, I recently came across Clive Christian and have since become very intrigued by his wide array of perfumes for men!

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Summer is now drawing to an end and as we begin to enter the cold, darker weather, I often find that the transitioning of seasons is the perfect excuse to refresh your fragrance wardrobe and to help you do so, I have created a little Luxury Gift Guide!

Clive Christian has many choices of fragrances which have been categorized into 3 collections, and from these, I have selected my favourite fragrances from each.

Please note that I haven't yet had the experience with each fragrance, and I have only made my choice from seeing the notes that I like, and my instinct purely from the descriptions of each scent.

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A perfumery portfolio that embodies the true essence of the brands heritage which has laid the foundations of exquisite fragrances which have been crafted from unique and special ingredients. 

No.1 Fragrance:

  • Top Note - Thyme
  • Heart Note - Lily Of The Valley
  • Base Note - Tonka Bean

I chose the No.1 fragrance as Tonka Bean remains a favourite note of mine! A rich, creamy note which I can only imagine will smell divine blending with the herbaceous note of Thyme mixed with the citrusy note of the Lily Of The Valley!

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The Noble Collection launched in 2016 as a homage to notable periods in British architectural and design history, and feature some of the most complex and evocative fragrances within the brand!

Noble VIII Immortelle Fragrance:

  • Top Note - Bergamot
  • Heart Note - Immortelle
  • Base Note - Papyrus

Noble VIII Immortelle sounds the most intriguing to me, opening up with a burst of Bergamot which then settles into a rather floral fragrance, finally finishing off as a woody, dry fragrance!

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A collection recently launched in 2016 as a 10 year celebration which has been inspired by Clive Christian OBE's life in which each perfume holds ingredients he favours.

'L' Fragrance: 

  • Top Note - Petitgrain Mandarinier
  • Heart Note - Fir Balsam
  • Base Note - Vetiver

Opening up with a fruity yet sweet burst of the Petitgrain Mandarinier note, soon developing into an earthy fragrance which then settles down into a bold, richer scent of the Vetiver note.

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Have you smelt any fragrances by Clive Christian before? If so, which ones? What did you think to them? Have you managed to smell any of the ones that I chose? Do let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click that 'like' button!

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