Bergamotto Di Positano is truly decadent. Sweet, intoxicating, and rich.


I had been sent a 100ml bottle of this fragrance by Floris London, and I had felt incredibly lucky. I have known about Floris London for many years, predominantly because they have a Royal Warrant (!!!) and because of many reviews online on how divine their fragrances were. So upon receiving this, I knew I was in for a treat. 

Bergamotto Di Positano

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Marine, Mandarin.
  • Middle Notes: Green Tea, Orange Blossom, Ginger, Vanilla.
  • Base Notes: Amber, Spice, Ambrette, Woods, Vanilla.

A unisex fragrance, which evokes a real luxury feel to it! Whenever I smell this fragrance, I immediately imagine being abroad somewhere picturesque along the Italian Coastline. 

Upon the first initial spray, I can instantly smell the Bergamot making this feel sweet, which blends in perfectly with the Marine note, bringing an aquatic edge to this. As the day went on, I could start to pick out the Vanilla and the Spice notes, which gave this fragrance an interesting     dry-down. The sillage of Bergamotto Di Positano is powerful, which for me, is great. I love how strong this scent is for the Summer season, and I also love how it doesn't feel too overbearing to wear. The longevity of this fragrance lasted up to 8-9 hours on my skin! One of the very few scents that has long-lasting power. 

Overall, a stunning fragrance and one I shall continue to wear throughout the Summer season! You can purchase this fragrance here. I have also been extremely lucky to have been sent a sample of their yet to be released fragrance '71/72' which launches 25th May 2016. I will also be meeting up with the perfumer behind this fragrance, so come back shortly for more information on this! It smells divine!

Have you smelt Bergamotto Di Positano before? What are your thoughts? Which is your favourite Floris London fragrance? I'd love to hear some feedback, so drop a comment down below!