Following on from my previous post, where choosing between the options of staying in or going out this Halloween weekend, I offered up the option of staying in to devour the spooky treats from the Hotel Chocolat; Little Monsters Halloween Hamper. So for this post, I will be tempting you with more delicious treats, only this time they come in the form of 'Halloween themed' drinks and will be the perfect way to accompany and kickstart your Halloween night out!

I received three sample bottles, all from 31Dover.com which if you've been following my blog for a while now, you will now that because of 31Dover I have managed to find and try out many new drinks which have now become firm favourites of mine, such as the Kraken Rum!





Without a doubt, my favourite drink out of the three! Perhaps I'm a little biased as I am a big Rum drinker as it is... A spicy and rich Rum which is a great addition to cocktails and I used this Rum alongside Coke. I found the design of the bottle really creepy and was a definite head turner!


A five time distilled Vodka with a smooth and clean taste which comes in the form of a unique and instantly recognisable, Alien Head. I found the design to be really striking and I mixed the Vodka with Lemonade to keep it refreshing!


Similar to the Outerspace Vodka in the sense that it felt smooth down my throat and I mixed this with Lemonade. I also love the design of the bottle!


When buying your chosen drinks from 31Dover.com, they offer Next Day Delivery ensuring that you get your drinks in time... For more drinks and a wide selection, click here!

Have you ordered from 31Dover before? Have you tried any of the drinks that were mentioned? Which is your favourite alcoholic beverage? Don't forget to hit the like button down below, and leave me a comment to reply to!