I recently had the pleasure of being invited along to the Charlotte Tilbury concession within Harvey Nichols in Leeds, to try out their latest innovation; Unisex Healthy Glow. Having teamed up with Charlotte Tilbury earlier this year for my Valentine's Giveaway, I was rather excited to try this out!


Unisex Healthy Glow is a unisex tinted moisturiser that morphs to your natural skin tones which help to achieve that perfect, golden tan for both men and women!

The application of the Unisex Healthy Glow began by applying the cream between the palms of your hands and then massaging it upon your face. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my skin didn't need to be cleansed prior to application, as with tans that I have used before, I have always exfoliated and then applied. This is where the Unisex Healthy Glow differs...

Although it contains natural tan pigments within it, the cream isn't as dense nor as heavy as other tanning creams may be! I really liked how lightweight the cream felt upon my face, and the results were immediate. My face had a natural, radiant glow and the pasty whiteness of my face had a burst of colour back into it, without it being too obvious! Subtle, but noticeable.

Overall, I found the Unisex Healthy Glow a great way to be introduced to the Charlotte Tilbury brand, and one that many other men should be aware of!

I would also like to say a huge thank you to the team at Charlotte Tilbury at Harvey Nichols in Leeds for inviting me along! I had a lovely time with them, and they really helped me feel at ease whilst having the treatment. You can purchase the Unisex Healthy Glow here, and for more information on Charlotte Tilbury, click here!

Have you shopped with Charlotte Tilbury before? Have you used tinted moisturisers before? If so, how do you find them? Are they for you? Will you be trying out the Unisex Healthy Glow? Do let me know your thoughts below, as I would love to hear from you! Don't forget to click that 'like' button too!