So, I thought that creating a blog would be relatively easy and that I would be able to bang these posts out quite often. Well I stand corrected. I've literally spent about ten minutes pondering as how to start my first blog post and what I'm wanting to say doesn't seem to be able to resonate very well onto the screen! Nevertheless, my name is Luke Christian and I am twenty two years old. I currently reside in a town called Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

I love all things Beauty & Grooming. Some people have proclaimed that they felt I was 'odd' and were quite baffled as to why a male would want to get into the Beauty Industry. I was always expecting a preconceived judgement, however it did surprise me how many people were quite prejudiced against me doing this. But, I have proven them all wrong! I successfully qualified as a Beautician at Level 2 as of June 2015 and I am now about to start my studies doing Beauty Level 3. (Insert smug icon here.) I don't have a fixed idea in mind of what I want to post and what sort of blog I'm going to have, but expect lots of Beauty Tips, Travel Reviews and Lifestyle Gossip.