An exciting and unique product to write about, my very first beard brush! 

Whilst beards may not be as bushy or unruly as they used to, they haven't disappeared. With products specifically for beards such as beard oils, beard balms and beard brushes, the trend of beards and facial hair doesn't seem to be fading away, anytime soon!

I'd been sent a beard brush by Kent Brushes to try out, and I find this such a unique product! This beard brush has a handle carved out of Beech Wood and has the finest quality natural bristle, gliding perfectly across your beard when brushed. What I loved about this brush, was the fact that the bristles have been cut into a wedge, so that the shortest bristles brush against your beard first, with the remaining longer ones carefully putting the stray hairs into place. 

I'd also received a beard oil to accompany this brush, this time from Alchemy. This beard oil has a peppermint flavour to it, and as peppermint is one of my favourite ingredients, I knew this would be one I would be eager to try out! I sprinkled this oil into my beard, and the smell was divine. So minty and fresh! Perfect for the Spring season. As the day went on, the smell of this became slightly subtle, yet unlike the other oils, it still remained very prominent upon my beard! This oil conditioned my beard, and the overall texture of my beard felt smoother and more refined.

You can purchase the beard brush here and the beard oil here! Have you tried either of these before? Do you have your own beard brush? I'd love to hear some feedback!