I am a massive fan of all things by Kiehl's, so their Creamy Eye Treatment is yet another stellar product!

I have been working a lot recently, and with that beholds many late nights and early starts. I gladly welcome any eye product, which helps to rejuvenate and brighten up my eye area. The Creamy Eye Treatment contains Avocado, which gives the cream a really smooth texture, and makes for an easy application! 

You apply the cream with a small amount on your finger, and gently massage the cream onto your orbital bone. I apply the cream just before I go to bed, allowing the cream to absorb into my eye area to its full potential. Personally, I have found that with the cream being an ivory shade, that it has really highlighted and brightened up my eye area. After a few days of continuous use, I could notice that my bags weren't a deep purple as they often are, and the area seemed brighter!  A great eye cream, and one that will come in highly useful, especially after a late Summer's night out... Need I say more?

You can purchase Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment here! Don't forget to check out my other reviews on the Kiehl's products such as the Facial Fuel, Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and the boutique store opening I attended at the Manchester Kings Street!

Have you tried the Creamy Eye Treatment before? What are your thoughts? Have you tried any other Kiehl's products? Let me know in the comments box down below, as I love hearing from you!