Let's face it. January is probably one of the worst months right? Well, at least it is for me anyway. Christmas has gone, which means that all of the parties and the late nights are over, and the only reminder of those parties, is how dull and tired my skin looks!

Growing up I suffered massively from acne and reddening of the skin, so whenever I trial out new skincare products, I always welcome them and reflect on how far my skin has come! It should come as no surprise that Kiehl's have been one of my favourite skincare brands for a while now, and with the release of their 'Breakout Control Targeted Blemish Spot Treatment', I was keen to try this out! Now, I don't get spots as often anymore, but when I do, it feels as though the world is over. (Okay, I'm being dramatic, but you get the picture.)

Most recently I had a breakout, so the Spot Treatment came into good use! I applied the cream just before I went to bed, allowing it to work its magic overnight. Before application, I cleansed my face, and applied a thin layer of the cream onto the designated areas of the breakout. It is important to point out that only a small amount of the cream is needed for application, as too much of it will clog up your pores, thus resulting in it having the opposite effect! The following morning, the spots had reduced in size, and the colour didn't appear as enflamed as before. 


Overall, yet another fantastic product by Kiehl's, and once again proving why it remains one of my favourite skincare brands! You can purchase the Breakout Control Targeted Blemish Spot Treatment here

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Have you tried the Breakout Control Targeted Blemish Spot Treatment? How did you find it? Did it work for you? What are your favourite products by Kiehl's? Let me know your comments down below as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click that 'like' button!