When it comes to choosing the right face mask for my skin, I often struggle. Either because I find most of them irritate my skin, or they simply don't work. The Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask by Lab Series however, is one of the best I have come across so far!

I have previously reviewed the All-In-One Shower Gel by Lab Series before, which can be read here, so it comes as no surprise that Lab Series have yet again, excelled with this product!

I applied this face mask straight onto my face, although I chose against washing and cleansing my face prior to application, just because I found that this method worked best for me! I squeezed out the mask into the palms of my hands, and then rubbed the mask onto my face. The scent of this, is very similar to the All-In-One Shower Gel, and smells very clean and fresh! For the first few minutes, I could start to feel the mask tightening and I found it difficult not to laugh whilst my parents made several attempts in doing so. The only way I could describe how this mask felt when applied upon my face, was that I could almost imagine that this might be how having botox could feel?

After around 5 minutes or so, I then washed off the mask and instantly, my face looked brighter! My skin looked clean, and any dirt or imperfections had gone! My parents both commented on how clear my skin looked, and were immediately wanting to try this out for themselves! Overall, a great product and one that has instant benefits to it. 

You can purchase the Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask here! Have you tried this mask before? What are your thoughts? What face masks are your favourites? I would love to hear from you all, so don't forget to leave a comment down below!