For the past couple of weeks I have been trialling out two new products by LAB Series, both of which are part of the 'All-In-One Pro LS Facial Gels'! As a fan of Lab Series, and having trialled and tested various products by the brand before such as the Matte Renewal Lotion, the All-In-One Shower Gel and their Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask, I was rather excited and curious to see what these two products would be like.


Before application of the Cleansing Gel, I washed my face and left it a little damp to allow the Cleansing Gel to work to its full advantage.

The Cleansing Gel quickly began to foam, and as I began to clean off the Gel, my skin immediately felt smoother to touch! It also got rid of a few dark blemishes, and really cleansed my pores without feeling too harsh on my skin. I also noticed that my facial hair felt softer too, and more conditioned which was a huge bonus for me!

You can purchase the All-In-One Face Cleansing Gel here!


Out of the two, I will be honest and say that unfortunately, this didn't sit well upon my skin. I don't know if it was my skin type, or what the reason was for why it didn't work out, but I found that the texture was slightly thick and didn't feel as though it was absorbing into my skins pores..

Nevertheless, these things happen and not all products work for everybody! However, The Hydrating Gel did create a mattified look to my face!

You can purchase the All-In-One Face Hydrating Gel here!


Have you tried either of these All-In-One Face Gels? Did you find you had any problems with the Hydrating Gel like I did? Have you tried any products by LAB Series before? If so, which ones have you tried? Do let me know your thoughts, as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click that 'like' button down below!