Mankind were the first brand that I ever had the opportunity of working with back when I first started blogging, and it gives me great pleasure to reveal that I am now a part of their Mankind Collective! 

As part of the Mankind Collective, I received a bundle of Male Grooming products, some of which are featured in their 'Confidence Edition' box which gets released bi-monthly, and all range from haircare to skincare, along with body-care too. The first Mankind Collective bundle arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I have been trialling each product out deciding which ones that I like to use, which of the products work for me, and most importantly, which products I feel you guys need to get your hands on!

The products that I received were;

  • Neville - Rescue Scrub
  • Nioxin - NioSpray Regular Hold Hairspray
  • Nanogen - Thickening Hair Treatment
  • Jack Black - Eye Balm
  • Bed Head - Balm Down
  • Hanz De Fuko - Scheme Cream
  • Jack Black - Sleek Finish Texture Cream
  • Man Cave - Original Moisturiser
  • Nioxin - Bodifying Foam
  • Skin Republic - Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Face Mask Sheet
  • Nioxin - Definition Créme
  • Perricone MD - Hydrating Cloud Cream

As you can see, I was rather spoilt for choice! I have chosen my top 5 products from the list, and I am going to share with you my experiences with them!



Containing Volcanic Ash, Corn Granules and Cocoa Butter, I applied this twice weekly, usually on a Sunday night to begin my upcoming week with a fresher glow, and once again on a Wednesday night for that mid-week top up! The texture of Rescue Scrub felt rather 'bitty' with it being an exfoliant, so do take care when massaging this onto your face. My skin felt a lot cleaner and my skin's appearance looked healthier after application! Neville Rescue Scrub can be used for all skin types, but please note that if you have sensitive skin, then rather than apply this twice weekly, you only need to apply this once a week. You can purchase this here.


Having tried out various eye creams/serums before, it has proven to be quite hard for me to find one that doesn't irritate my eyes. But luckily for me, Jack Black's Eye Balm seemed to do the trick! I applied this Eye Balm just before going to bed (with my ring finger as this is the finger that uses the least amount of pressure), and applied the Balm in a circular motion just under my eyes going all the way around to the top of the orbital bone. The Eye Balm felt rather soothing and the darkened colour under my eyes seemed to have faded! I did find however, that this product took a while for me to notice any difference, so be sure to stick with it! 


As a huge fan of Perricone MD, I was delighted to have received the Hydrating Cloud Cream! If you have followed me for a while, then perhaps you will remember that I attended the 'H2 Elemental Energy' Launch a few months ago, where I also reviewed the Hydrating Cloud Cream in full! One of my favourite creams, from one of my favourite brands. You can purchase this here.


I will admit, I know that these 'Face Mask Sheets' have been around for a while now, this was my first chance of trying one of these out! The mask had a bubbling sensation which was rather unique, and I wore this upon my face for 15 minutes as instructed. Once I peeled the mask off, my face felt smoother to touch and rejuvenated! 


Similar to my problem with the Eye Serums as mentioned earlier, I find it difficult to find a decent hairspray! I found with the Nioxin NioSpray Regular Hold that it didn't leave my hair feeling brittle nor did it have that 'hardening' effect. It felt light which was perfect for me as I enjoy a slight bit of movement, without it flowing about too much. In terms of how long the hairspray lasted, unfortunately it didn't last all day... I would say that it lost its effect around 4 hours after applying it into my hair which don't get me wrong, for some people this might be ideal! You can purchase this here. *PS. This is now on offer, so be quick!


Overall, a great introduction to the Mankind Collective and I am already anticipating the next box! For more details on the Mankind Grooming Box: 'Confidence Edition', you can read more here.

Have you tried any of these products before? If so, which were your favourites? Any that didn't work out for you? Have you shopped with Mankind before? Do let me know your thoughts below, and don't forget to click that 'like' button!