I have gone through countless amounts of fragrances this year! Whether I've been lucky enough to have been sent them, tried out little samples of them, or fallen in love with them despite their hefty price tag.. Anyway! This fragrance has outshone others in terms of sillage, longevity, projection, and the amount of compliments I have garnered from having worn this.

My top fragrance of 2016 is;

The Merchant Of Venice - Venetian Blue.

  • Top Notes - Apple, Bergamot, Lemon
  • Middle Notes - Black Pepper, Birch, Patchouli
  • Base Notes - Moss, Ambergris, Musk

I received Venetian Blue back in the Summer, and I'll admit, I had never heard of 'The Merchant Of Venice' beforehand, so I was curious to see what this fragrance would smell like. I can recall first spraying Venetian Blue upon my skin, and instantly being hooked by how fresh and crisp the scent was!

The initial burst of the Apple, Bergamot and Lemon notes came streaming through and made for a fruity opening, with the Black Pepper and Patchouli notes blending perfectly creating a spicy dimension to the fragrance. In terms of the dry down, the Musk note remained the most prominent!


The sillage of Venetian Blue is definitely heavy, which surprised me a little considering how light, and aquatic the scent is. I found that the fragrance lasted for up to 7 hours on my skin, and one of the many reasons as to why I love wearing Venetian Blue, is that everybody around me has always stopped to comment on it! 

Despite having worn Venetian Blue throughout the months of Summer, it stills performs just as well in the cold, Autumn/Winter seasons. Without a doubt, I will be purchasing this bottle ahead of the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons as it is my new go-to fragrance! You can purchase Merchant Of Venice - Venetian Blue here.

Have you tried Venetian Blue before? What did you think to it? Do you have any fragrances from The Merchant Of Venice, if so, which one? Which was your 'Top Fragrance Of 2016?' Do let me know your comments down below, and don't forget to click the 'like' button!