This may startle a few of my loyal readers as they will know I am a huge fan of Tom Ford so you would think that my Number 1 Fragrance would be one from Tom Ford yes?


My Number 1 Fragrance for 2015 is in fact, Creed - Aventus.


I had smelt this fragrance on somebody on a hot, summers night in a club and it was only after I had left the club that I had realised I was more attracted to the fragrance as opposed to the person.. Oops.

The reason as to why this is my '2015 Fragrance' isn't because of how powerful and sublime this fragrance is, it's because of all of the memories conjured up inside this bottle that come rushing back whenever I smell it again. I had stayed over in Manchester for my Summer, (albeit a lot shorter than I had planned for) and I had bought this on my first day as I was searching for a scent that was new, fresh and exciting as I was going through a huge change in my life. This fit the bill perfectly! 

I wore this everywhere. Whilst working in Trafford Centre, to go out drinking in, to go shopping and even just to lounge around in. This fragrance really is an all-rounder and I would never go somewhere without having been complimented on it. Due to all the memories I have associated with this, I sadly won't be purchasing this again anytime soon as I'd like to keep my memories intact with this fragrance. I think everybody has that scent or fragrance that brings back a lot of memories, whether they be good or bad. Alas, this one just happens to be mine. 

However, be sure to come back and read my detailed review on this fragrance early Spring 2016 so I can help you with your choices for your Spring/Summer '16 fragrance! 

Have you smelt Creed Aventus before? Do you have a fragrance that brings back a lot of memories for you? Which is your number 1 fragrance for 2015? Let me know as I'd love to hear some feedback from you!