Whenever Autumn came around I used to always see bloggers in these ‘Pumpkin Fields’ and I’d say to my friends ‘Right, that’s it! We’re going pumpkin pickin!’ but for some reason it just never happened. That was until this year where I discovered a Pumpkin Farm just 10/15 minutes away from my doorstep!


Birchfield Farm is situated just outside of Ripley in the sleepy village of Summerbridge and prior to going to Birchfield Farm, despite how daft this may sound, I just didn’t know what to wear… I don’t do casual/practical clothing and given that I was off to a field I knew I’d have to compromise slightly. In the end I decided to go for my Idle Grey Sweater, ASOS Tan Overcoat, boohooMAN ripped jeans and my Debenhams: Hammond & Co by Patrick Gant boots!

birchfield farm

My friend was driving us both there and as we approached Birchfield Farm we were looking down the hills and the realisation that perhaps we were too early in the season to go Pumpkin Pickin’ dawned on us as we could only see 2 pumpkins… Nevertheless, we carried on and as we parked up we could see a couple of people in the fields with wheelbarrows so we figured that there must obviously be more than just 2…

birchfield farm

We made our way into the fields where we were told that we could pick out whichever pumpkin we wanted, they would then weigh the pumpkin and then they would work out the pricing whether it’s Small/Medium/Large. There were pumpkins EVERYWHERE! Orange, white, green, yellow, big, huge, small, petite, medium… So much to choose from!


In the end we decided to go for a petite orange pumpkin which came to £2.50. As we went early in the season, we were told that the pumpkin wouldn’t last until Halloween and would only last a couple of days once carved so we took the opportunity to head into a barn and began to carve out our creation! The staff at the farm supply you with a cutting knife, a pot to dispose of the excess pumpkin rubbish and some Pumpkin designs should you need any. My friend and I decided to name our little creation ‘Pumpkin Spice’! Once we were done, we went to their little cafe where they do a range of delicious food and treats such as waffles, cakes, ice cream and milkshakes!


Birchfield Farms ‘Pumpkin Festival’ is currently open from now until 31st October from 10am-4pm! A cute afternoon out where you could take your whole family, or like me, just go along with a friend and have some fun! For more details of the farm, click here and you can get directions to the Birchfield Farm with their address below:

Birchfield Family Dairies
Oakmount House
Birchfield Farm
North Yorkshire

Have you visited Birchfield Farm before? If so, when did you visit? Will you be heading along to their Pumpkin Festival? Are you a fan of Halloween? Are you doing anything special for Halloween? Do let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you and don’t forget to click the ‘like’ button below!