Towards the end of last year, I had the pleasure of attending the latest launch from haircare brand: SachaJuan! The launch was held at Gallery Different in London, and as I walked into the venue, I was greeted by a wide array of different blue tones and brown tones of SachaJuan products which had all been presented beautifully on display.


I was immediately drawn to the 'blue tones' table as I managed to spot Ocean Mist in the corner of my eye which I might add is one of my all-time favourite haircare products! The purpose of the launch was to learn more about two of their latest Styling products which have been added alongside the Hair Wax and Hair Paste;

  • MATT WAX - 

Out of the two products that I managed to try out for myself, Matt Wax has to be my favourite. I found that the texture of the Matt Wax was really soft which at first I was slightly dubious as I thought this may have no strength and may not do much in terms of styling, but I was completely wrong! Despite being soft, it helped to keep my hair in place and was easy to restyle if I needed to without having to mess around too much with it. I applied the Matt Wax when my hair was dry as I found that this was the best method for me and I loved that there was no shine to this either, giving a perfect matte effect! You can purchase Matt Wax here.


Fibre Paste didn't work too great as my hair is quite fine, so I found that when I applied the Fibre Paste, it weighed my hair down quite a bit and didn't give off the desired effect that I was after. Perhaps it may be better suited for those who have thicker, more dense hair! You can purchase Fibre Paste here.

As with all Sacha Juan products, each product all have this gorgeous, clean scent which leaves your hair smelling incredible! When I've allowed my family and friends to borrow some of the haircare products, they all come back with "My hair smells amazing!" To view more of the SachaJuan range, click here


Have you tried either the Matt Wax or Fibre Paste? Which one worked best for you? Have you tried any SachaJuan products before? If so, which ones? Which is your favourite? Do you have any suggestions on which I should try next? Let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click that 'like' button!