I've known about this Reservoir for many years but it wasn't until recently had I re-discovered my love for this little hideaway. 

This reservoir is based in the North of Otley and the West of Harrogate. Swinsty Reservoir adjoins onto Fewston Reservoir with a bridge separating the two, but between these, Swinsty has to be my favourite.

The walk around takes a good hour or so but it is definitely worth it for all of the stunning views it has to offer, whether it be the surrounding nature or the backdrop of the lake. My friend and I went just as Twilight was falling and for me personally, that is the best time to go. Everything seems still and if you're a fan of the dark then it can be slightly thrilling walking through some woods in the pitch black! 

I spent the majority of the time there taking endless amounts of photos and alas, the photos do not do this place justice. Visit my Instagram page for more of my photography here.

Have you ever been here before? If so, what do you think to this place?