I've conjured up some luxurious Christmas gift ideas for that special lady in your life! Whether she is your best friend, your sister, your Mother or your girlfriend. 




Sensual, dark, rich and effortlessly glamorous. This fragrance is unisex and is equally as feminine as it is masculine I feel. The notes of Plum Japonais consist of Japanese Plum, Saffron, Cinnamon, Oud and Vanilla. With the first spray you can instantly smell the Japanese Plum coming through remaining very prominent even with the dry down.

The scent is both sweet and spicy whilst sitting on the skin beautifully! This fragrance has quite a large projection so minimal sprays with this scent is recommended. As the scent dries down you can start to get slight hints of the Oud note coming through making the scent seem quite masculine. I've worn this several times myself and I've always had compliments on this as it is stunning.

Overall, a very well rounded fragrance and would be an instant winner in your special lady's eyes!

You can also purchase Tom Ford Plum Japonais here.





As a beauty therapist, during my training we were allowed to use our own nail polishes on models. Naturally I was always going to have a Tom Ford polish, firstly; because I can't get enough of his products and secondly; I wanted the best of the best for my models!

I chose this nail polish for Christmas 2014 because the colour was very dark and heavy which is how I feel makeup for women should be during the Winter period.

All of my models who I had trained with this nail polish on, all said how they adored the colour and felt it was perfect for the season! A definite must buy and would look great matched with a deep, plum lip!

You can also purchase Tom Ford Plum Noir Nail Polish here.





Aesop are well renowned for their luxury hair and skin products and the Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque is an absolute gem. This masque is deeply cleansing which extracts all of those impurities your skin may have and calms down troubled skin.

As this masque is clay based it absorbs any excess oils your skin may produce leaving the skin feeling smooth and hydrated afterwards. Application of this product requires you to spread an even, fine layer of this after your cleansing routine and you should leave this on for 15 minutes. I would use this twice-weekly, perhaps at the start of your week and midweek when you feel your skin needs a boost!

You can also purchase Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque here.


I hope you have all enjoyed reading my Luxury Gift Guide for Women! I'd love to hear some feedback as to what you all think about these products, whether you've had some of them before or if you're now curious to try these out!