So it was a Friday afternoon and I was on my break at work, just flicking through emails when I came across one from Barry M. At first I was confused and immediately thought 'Junk Mail.' Oh how wrong was I..

I opened up the email and as I was reading it, a huge sense of shock and excitement came over me as I'd discovered that the email was in fact to send me some samples of their Unisex Nail Care range. I snapped this huge opportunity up quicker than you can say 'Fab Hot Pink Nail Varnishes'! 

Launching across the UK in Boots & in Superdrug on Wednesday 20th January 2016, this nail care range is boldly putting the 'Man' into 'Manicure'. I was lucky enough to have received all 4 samples from this particular range and here they are as follows:


SUPER MANI - 7-in-1 Treatment


I'd used this nail varnish to begin with as it is a basecoat and once dried, I immediately noticed a difference! The shine from this instantly made my nails look healthier and the effect this nail varnish gave was that I'd just had them buffed and manicured at my local nail bar! This nail varnish states the 7 benefits from using this and they are: 

  1. Encourages growth
  2. Strengthens with Keratin
  3. Nourishes with Argan Oil
  4. Promotes shine
  5. Hydrates with Vitamin E
  6. Smoothes the nail surface
  7. Protects from breakage

All of these 7 benefits are ones I recognise from having used this product myself and I fully recommend you purchase this. 




IRON MANI - Ultimate Nail Hardener



Being a beautician specialising in Male Grooming, I'd always known that looking after your nails was important, but I never truly appreciated just how important this was. Before using this nail hardener, I'd always thought there was nothing wrong with my nails and that they were just your 'average, bog standard' nails.

But now that I've used this product, I have noticed a huge difference. My nails feel a lot tougher and the overall appearance of them look to be a lot smoother. You apply this Nail Hardener only twice a week, so I used this at the start of the week ready for the week ahead, and at the end to repair any damage having been done to them. 



I know what you're probably thinking, coloured nail varnishes on Men!? But stay with me on this one..

The two colours I'd received were Bashful and Birthday Suit. Both of these nail varnishes have a Matte Finish so they have quite an understated finish to them. Out of the two, Bashful is my favourite as the colour is quite a light pink, almost identical in colour to my nail-bed already! This colour is very subtle and has a really clean, matte finish to it, making my nails look healthier without coming across too brassy.

Birthday Suit is a nude coloured nail varnish and appears to be slightly darker than the Bashful nail varnish. Now I'm going to be honest here, I only applied this colour on a few nails as I could tell from the first application that this colour wasn't right for me. I'm quite fair skinned anyway so the darkness of this colour stood out too much and I didn't feel as confident in being able to pull this one off compared to the Bashful nail varnish. However this doesn't mean I think this colour is hideous! It just didn't suit my skin tone. 


Overall, Barry M has refreshed my knowledge in Nail Care, I feel they've launched a great Nail Care range and Men everywhere can now add this to their grooming regime! I am truly grateful for this huge opportunity given to me by them. 


Do you feel brave enough to try these out? Do you already wear nail varnish? I'd love to hear some feedback from you all!