When I'd first been approached by The Bluebeard's Revenge, I was very intrigued and honoured to have been asked to try out a few of their products. I was even more intrigued by their tagline, 'The Bluebeard's Revenge is for Real Men. Your pathetic excuse for whiskers don't deserve The Bluebeards Revenge!' I mean... That alone is just genius, and definitely got me eager to try these out!


The Bluebeards Revenge won 'Brand Of The Year' at the 2014 FHM's Grooming Awards, so straight away I knew I was in for a treat. I'd been sent two of their products- The Ultimate Cooling Moisturiser and their Moustache Wax


The Ultimate Cooling Moisturiser

First off, I love the design of the bottle. It's in the form of a soap dispenser and the moisturiser can easily be pumped out. I absolutely love the smell of this moisturiser! It smells so clean and has a real strong, masculine scent to it, yet it isn't overpowering when applied onto my face. 

The moisturiser easily absorbed itself into my skin and the cooling effect definitely started to kick in. A slightly unusual sensation, yet the moisturiser gave my skin an overall clean feel to it, and my face felt smoother and moisturised.

You can purchase this product here




Moustache Wax

In my previous post, I had stated I was unsure what to do with my facial hair. Luckily for me, this moustache wax reinstated that I needed to keep it! Before having used this product, I never really knew what to do with my 'tache. I had left it alone and its natural state was to form into 'handlebars'.

Yet with this wax, it allowed me to experiment around with various styles, and the style I am currently sporting is to have it twisted on the ends so it forms upwards as opposed to downwards! Does that make sense? Anyway!

This wax is easy to use and like the moisturiser, it has a scent to it, yet a lot more understated and subtle which can barely be smelt when applied onto the facial hair.

You can purchase this here



Overall, two really great products and it is of little surprise as to see why this brand has won an award! Check out their other products here, I've already got my eye on their Eau De Toilette! Have you used these products before? Which is your favourite? I'd love to hear some feedback!