Before receiving a bundle of skincare goodies from Bobbi Brown, I am slightly ashamed to admit, that I only ever thought of the Bobbi Brown brand for makeup. I had no idea that they did skincare! That being said, I was very intrigued and curious to try the range out. I received five products, and having tried each of them out, I can say that they are all as equally luxurious as the next. I am now, a big fan of Bobbi Brown!




I applied the Hydrating Eye Cream just before going to bed, to allow the cream to work overnight. Upon application, you only need a small amount of the eye cream on your ring finger, and then using your ring finger, dab small amounts of the cream underneath your eye area starting from the corner of your eye. Be sure to go right the way around your eye area, and above your eye meeting again at your starting point in the corner! Gently massage the eye cream into your skin, and allow the skin to absorb the cream.

It took around 3-4 days of continuous application for me to notice a difference, and when I did, my eye areas appeared less puffy, and the 'purple' tones seemed to have been reduced! I also really liked the packaging of the eye cream, as I found it looked very slick and compact! You can purchase the Hydrating Eye Cream here.



This is one of my favourite Masques.. Ever! A bold statement, I know, but I have found this to really clean out my pores, brighten up my face, and create a smoother, more polished finish! To apply the masque, make sure your skin is slightly damp beforehand, gently rub the masque over your face, avoiding the eye area, and then leave to settle for 2-5 minutes. For me personally, I left this masque on for 5 minutes, as that is when I felt the masque really tightened my skin and began to work.

The colour of the masque is a dark grey to begin with, but ends up a much lighter grey once the masque begins to work! You can purchase the Instant Detox Masque here.



I don't often use cleansers, but the times that I do, are primarily when I need to remove a bit of fake tan that is starting to look a little patchy! I found this cleanser to be really silky on my skin and found that it absorbed well also. My skin felt smooth, soft, and appeared more hydrated! You can purchase the Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser here.



I actually applied the buffing grains whilst using the hydrating rich cream cleanser! I found that the buffing grains are best applied with a product, such as the cleanser, as when they work together, they compliment each other perfectly. To apply the buffing grains, you only need a tiny amount, and be sure to rub gently across your skin. I have to admit also, that the buffing grains is a first for me! I have never tried any of these before, but with that being said, I am a new fan of this type of product, and can see the benefits! My skin immediately felt softer to touch, and I find that the buffing grains is a great and easy way to exfoliate the skin. You can purchase the Buffing Grains here.



I applied the skin clarifier on my skin twice a day, only applying two-three drops at a time! I found that with this product, I didn't notice a massive difference with it, however my skin did look less shiny, especially around my 'T-Zone' area! You can purchase the Skin Clarifier - Pore & Oil Control here.


Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed trialling out these products from the Bobbi Brown Skincare Range, and have now implemented a few of them into my skincare routine as my new staple favourites! The whole skincare range feels super luxurious, and is definitely worth treating yourself to. To check out more from Bobbi Brown, such as their skincare products, or even some of their 'How To Tutorials' click here!

Have you tried any of these skincare products before? Have you bought anything from Bobbi Brown? If so, what did you buy? What is your favourite item from Bobbi Brown? Do let me know your thoughts, as I would love to hear from you all! Also, don't forget to click that 'like' button down below!