Perhaps you're struggling with what to get your Father this year for Father's Day? Or perhaps you're wanting to do something a little bit more special this year? Well, with this Giveaway, you can be sure of making his day with some of these incredible gifts!

I have managed to team up with some amazing brands who have been kind enough to submit their products for this Giveaway, in which they include;


  • BRAUN: Series 3 ProSkin

Close shave, smooth skin. A shaver that can be used wet or dry and has 45 minutes of cordless shaving time. 100% waterproof, and comes with a precision head making it easier to capture those hard to reach hairs. RRP £50

  • GILLETTE: Fusion Proshield Blades (Limited Edition Lions Pack)

Gillette's thinnest and finest blades with less tug and pull making for incredible comfort whilst shaving. Lubrication before and after the blades, and the razor comes has a FlexBall motion to it which responds to all facial contours.  RRP £12

  • KIEHL'S: Midnight Recovery Concentrate

A personal favourite of mine! Apply at night for your skin to look and feel rejuvenated the following morning.           RRP £38 for 30ml

  • BELOW THE BELT: Fresh & Dry Balls & Instant Clean Balls & Sports Lubricant

A rather tongue in cheek gift set for those who want to freshen up 'down there', but don't have enough time to catch a shower.. RRP £18

  • INFUSE MY COLOUR: Cobalt Wash & Gold Wash Vegan Shampoo's

Refreshes, revives and tones coloured hair. 100% Vegan Formula with 0% Sulphates, 0% Silicones and 0% Parabens! RRP £25

  • THE SOAP KITCHEN: Aftershave Moisturising Cream & Orange & Cedarwood Body Wash & Shaving Soap

Containing natural Essential Oils of Orange and Cedarwood, these products have a sweet, and slightly earthy scent to them, and all products are kind to the skin. RRP £18


For your chance to win these incredible gifts, all you need to do is the following;

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It's that simple! All entries will be checked on my Twitter page, and the winner of this bundle of treats will be announced live on my Instagram Story on Friday 16th June in time for Father's Day.

I wish you the best of luck!


As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I informed you that I would be writing up about the interview I was lucky enough to have with Scott Schuman from thesartorialist.com, and the workshops with Braun that I attended. 

Having resigned myself to the fact that I had missed out on an opportunity to interview Scott Schuman due to a delayed train, I was excited yet slightly panicked as I was told the interview was in fact still going ahead! I made my way to the room in which I would be meeting Scott, and began asking him a few questions. I had written them down in my diary, yet throughout the whole duration of the interview, I didn't feel the need to look at them once! 

I began by asking Scott; 

  • 'What made you decide to start up your own blog?'  

"I didn't feel that there was anything really out there at that point in terms of blogging and I wanted a platform in which I could have the freedom to be able to post what I want, and to have no restrictions."

  • 'What is your grooming regime?'

"I love waking up early, and I would class myself as an early riser. I use the Braun Series 9 (to which he is an ambassador for.), and I like to keep my regime as simple as I can."

  • 'What makes a blog post successful to you?'

"I don't necessarily think there's a special ingredient for a successful blog post, but I do think that if you enjoy what you're writing about and you feel happy with the direction your blog is going in, then that's great! What I try to do with my blog, is although it is personal and it's about me and my life, and what I like and enjoy, it is still not all about me? It's personal, without feeling like you know too much about me."

  • 'Do you have any advice to give others who may want to start their own blog?'  

"I think that too many people these days think they know everything just because they're doing it, and I think people need to sit back, and take a few lessons and learn about what it is that they're actually doing. Just because you're doing it, doesn't mean you're doing it well. We can all learn from others and evolve. Social media is so big and you can really make a success out of it if you just learn and don't rush things." 


I attended a workshop with Scott Schuman's personal barber; Michael Haar who demonstrated to us some of the Braun styling tools (which included a very exciting new launch which isn't available in store until 2017!) The model's facial hair after having used the trimmer looked neater, and defined his facial features more by trimming the hair accurately into place. The trimmer comes with 9 adjustable blades, enabling you to choose the look you want without being too complicated! The kit can be used for beard control, ear & nose trimming, hair clipping and for manscaping. I hope to put this to good use soon, and will give you a full detailed review on this shortly...

The following morning arrived, and I attended the Timepiece workshop held by Cameron Hauxwell who talked us through the various watches by Braun. They were broken up into three categories;

  1. Classic Collection
  2. Prestige Collection
  3. Slim Collection

All of the watches looked impeccable and all felt extremely lightweight! Although Cameron explained that Braun have tapped into the Scandinavian trend and making their designs simple, my favourite collection had to be the 'Prestige Collection' as all of the watches had greater detail to them and as a lover of 'skeleton design', this collection was a definite winner in my eyes! 

We then moved onto the next workshop with product designer; Ben Wilson, and for some reason, I seemed to have been slightly cursed with modern technology.. I say this, due to not being able to view the 'virtual reality goggles' despite others being able to! Luckily, after a few attempts I was able to experience this, and it felt rather surreal seeing a shaver in the most intricate detail, up close.

What I like about Braun as a brand, is their attention to detail. Everything is so meticulously planned for each product, and having come back from the workshops, I have realised just how much Braun plays a big part in my life! From my toothbrush, to my beard trimmers, body groomers, to my mother's hairdryer right down to my newest addition, the alarm clock! A big thanks again to Braun for the invite, and a big thank you to Scott Schuman for allowing me to interview you! 

I hope you've enjoyed my blog posts on the events with Braun, and I would love to hear from you! Don't forget to check out my review on the Braun Art Of Precision Hair Kit!




It was only when Ben Wilson (product designer for Braun) was saying a few words at the Tower Bridge in London during a three course meal, had it dawned on me just where I was, and how fortunate enough I had been to have received an invite. The whole trip was primarily to get a better insight on the BRAUN brand, attend various workshops, and to go to the 'Foil' exhibition at the V & A Museum in London.

Prior to the Tower Bridge meal, I had gotten up at 4:30am in order to get ready to catch my train from Leeds to London. I was due to interview Scott Schuman from thesartorialist.com at 11am, however my train had been at a standstill for 40 minutes, so needless to say I wasn't exactly calm. I had resigned myself to the fact that I had missed out on the interview with Scott, and felt disappointed and frustrated to have missed out on this opportunity. (Or so I thought...)

I arrived in London a few minutes past 11am, and upon my arrival, a chauffeur was awaiting me. (I know, how fancy!) As we drove through London, I was taking in all of the sights, and felt excited for the upcoming events. I eventually arrived at the Rosewood Hotel, in which the Braun Workshops were being held, and where I would be staying overnight. I have to say.. The Rosewood Hotel is hands down, the most exquisite hotel I have ever had the pleasure of staying in!

I met Tom and Robin in the hotel lobby, and was told that the interview with Scott Schuman was still going ahead! I will have more details on the interview with Scott in my next blog post, so be sure to come back for that! After the interview, we made our way through to the dining hall and sat down for some lunch. The lunch was lavish, and consisted of a three course meal! After lunch, we had gotten into a minibus which took us over to the V & A Museum for the Braun Foil Exhibition. 

We arrived at the V & A Museum, and made our way inside and I couldn't help but feel in awe of all of the grand sculptures and artwork as we walked through! Before heading into the exhibition, we were all given a brief outline as to what the exhibit was about, and what to expect. As the doors opened, a sense of calm filled the air, and what greeted me, was a 20 metre long kinetic sculpture. Made up of 50,000 metal triangles, the sculpture was designed by Benjamin Hubert who explained that it was a magnified version of a shaver foil. The exhibit was presented in the Tapestry Room, and I found that the light bouncing off of the sculpture, hitting the various tapestries hung on the wall, simply stunning.

I returned back to the hotel, for a workshop with Scott Schuman's personal barber - Michael Haar. More information on all workshops with Braun including the interview with Scott Schuman will be in my next blog post! As night began to fall, a minibus took us over to a three course dinner at the Tower Bridge to conclude the day's event. The view of London's city life, all lit up at night was extraordinary!

Looking back on the 2 day event with Braun, it all seems slightly surreal, and I have found that it is always when you are out of a situation that you can look back and reflect. I had a blast, and one that will be etched into my memory for a long time. A big thank you to the team at Braun for inviting me, and for giving me this opportunity! You can check out my blog post on Art Of Precision by Braun here!

Do you own any Braun products? Have you ever stayed at The Rosewood Hotel in London? Have you visited the Tower Bridge? Let me know your thoughts down below, as I would love to hear from you!




I had returned from a trip to London, to find a gigantic parcel awaiting me for when I arrived back home. Confusion ran through my mind, as I knew I hadn't ordered anything, nor was I expecting something either. As I unwrapped the packaging, lo and behold, I was greeted by this amazing case by Braun, full of Braun's latest Beard/Hair/Body range!

I will take you through 3 of my favourite products within this range;


Honestly, the best beard trimmer I have come across to date. It is easy to use, and is straightforward. There's no complications with this beard trimmer, you simply turn the dial and depending on how long or short you want your beard, you have 25 different lengths to choose from! For me personally, I go with the setting no.2, as I find this keeps my beard very neat, tidy and just the right length!


Now, let's talk manscaping. We have all done it at some point I am sure, and with this neat little groomer, this has helped with getting rid of hairs in even the most *private* areas. Ahem. Anyway! I have found this to be great also for stray hairs at the top of my arms, and is also ideal to use in the shower, enabling you to use this to its full advantage! 


This is designed for facial hair, however, I must admit that I have actually used this for keeping on top of any stray eyebrow hairs! The Precision Trimmer is also handy for any stray hairs that you need to get closer to, without using the beard trimmer thus resulting in a bald patch!


Have you tried any of these products from Braun? Which did you find best worked for you? Let me know your feedback down below in the comments box!