As a sufferer of bad skin during my teens, I completely sympathise and feel for others who may currently be suffering with bad skin! 

Dr. Nick Lowe is an international dermatologist and his range of skincare products have been designed for both the young, and the mature. Each product has been carefully formulated using highly effective ingredients which target the problem on the skin. 


I'd been extremely lucky to have been able to have received the full range of Dr. Nick Lowe products which are as follows:  



'Helps target spots & bacteria.' 

I'm always very sceptical when it comes to spot creams/gels as from my personal experience, they've just never worked for me. As I've gotten older however, I'm lucky in the sense that I no longer get spots! Yet when I do, it's the end of the world for me, and unfortunately I had a minor breakout, the night before my first event at Kiehl's! I'm sure you can imagine how frustrated I got! You can read about my event here.

Whilst I was stressing about stressing, luckily for me this product came in very handy! I applied this gel the night before, and slept with it on and no joke, the spots had almost cleared up the next morning. Definitely worth checking this product if you're prone to spot breakouts! You can purchase this here.




'Helps fight bacteria, reduces surface oil.'

Admittedly, I'd never used a serum before having used this one, so I was a little unsure as to what to expect! I'd cleansed my face before applying this onto dry skin, and massaged this into my face, avoiding the eye area. The texture of this serum is very smooth, and glides perfectly across my face!

The effects from this were immediate. My face felt a lot smoother and appeared brighter. You apply this serum twice daily, morning and evening so I did this just after I woke up and before I went to bed!

You can purchase this here.





'Effective, yet gentle cleansing.'

This has to be one of my all time favourite cleansers! When once applied onto my skin, it felt very light, and immediately my skin felt smoother.

My whole facial appearance looked cleaner and didn't appear to look as dull! The texture of this is foamy and very light, however the only thing I would say about this, is when applying this, you have to be rather quick!

You can purchase this here.




'Powerful, yet gentle exfoliation.'

Out of all the products within this skincare range, I have to say that this product, is without a doubt, my favourite! I just love how different my skin feels after the application, and how clean my skin appeared and how smooth it felt to touch! I suffer from dry skin, so this polish really helped to clean up my pores and any roughness on my skins surface. 

The texture of this is slightly rough, but that's standard for any exfoliator, so when applying, don't massage it in too hard, as you may end up with a rather red complexion!

You can purchase this here.




'Calms skin, helps target bacteria.'

I love a good face mask, and this one is no different. Once my skin had been cleansed, I then applied a thin layer of this onto my face. Avoiding the eye area, it was then left on for ten minutes to set. It suggests using this mask twice weekly to get the full effect of this, so I did and I can say that whilst my skin felt smoother, I didn't notice a difference physically.

Perhaps that's due to all of the other products that I'd been using on my face? I shall try this mask again when I don't have to apply a lot of other products onto my face during one week.

You can purchase this here!


Overall, a great skincare range, and one which has definitely benefitted my skin! Have you used any of Dr. Nick Lowe's products before? Do you have any queries about skincare? Let me know in the comments section and I shall try my best to help you out!