I feel as if I've hit a wall when it's come to my beard recently. Do I trim? Do I keep it growing? Do I get rid of the beard, but grow a 'tache? Do I shave it all off? (Okay, the last one was a bit dramatic, I must confess.) 


Before deciding what I was to do with my facial hair, I had received a parcel from Gentlemen's Order. They have a choice of two boxes to select from; 'The Shaved Gent' or 'The Bearded Gent'. For myself, 'The Bearded Gent' box was the one for me and inside it, contained Beard Oil and Beard Wash, both from The Dapper Duke and a miniature Kent Beard Brush!  


BEARD OIL - Molten Marshmallow

I cannot even begin to tell you, just how obsessed I am with the smell of this Beard Oil. It's insane! The only way I can describe the smell of this, is by likening the smell to the 'cola bottle sweets'. I've been using this non stop for the past couple of weeks, purely so I get to appreciate the smell of it daily.

But it's also worked wonders for my beard! My beard now feels very soft and conditioned. The application of this oil however, is different to the others that I've tried previously as the oil comes out of a dropper as opposed to straight out of the bottle. The ingredients of this Beard Oil are 'Jojoba, Argan, Almond, Vitamin E and Essential Oils.' 

This is definitely worth trying out! 



BEARD WASH - Molten Marshmallow

I used this Beard Wash every night before I went to sleep, mainly to give my beard a clean from the day's activities. This didn't smell as strong as the Beard Oil to me however, yet it still smelt very similar to 'cola bottle sweets'. I'd just like to mention that although it smells one way to me, it doesn't mean necessarily that's what you'll smell!

My friends smelt this and thought it smelt very different to what I mentioned! This Beard Wash contains a variety of ingredients such as 'Baking Soda, Xantham, Gum, Castille Soap, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Geoguard Ultra, and Essential Oils.' This left my beard also feeling conditioned and left it feeling very clean.

Have you tried these before? What did you think to these products? Did you get the same smell as I did? I'd love to hear your thoughts!