About a month or so ago I met up with one half of the Male Grooming brand: Hamilton

Based in Leeds, perhaps it was always inevitable our paths would cross as I love all things Male Grooming as that is what I am trained in, and Hamilton being a Male Grooming brand of course meant that we go hand in hand together at some point!

Hamilton are strong believers in creating 'no nonsense' yet effective products that fit right into your Grooming routine and what matters to them are;

  • Functionality - Focusing on products that deliver on targeted solutions, functionality and results.
  • Free From - All products are SLS, Paraben and microbeads free.
  • Never Tested On Animals - None of their products have ever, nor will they ever, be tested on animals.
  • British Made - As Hamilton continues to grow, they strive to help support British businesses where needed.

For this post I had kindly been gifted:

Hyper-Strength Hydrator -

This moisturiser contains Vitamin A and E alongside Shea Butter to help nourish and hydrate the skin whilst working with added collagen to reduce any fine lines and visible signs of ageing. 

I applied the Hydrator first thing in the morning and prior to application, I cleansed my face to ensure it was clean and to allow the product to absorb into my skin. I found that the Hydrator absorbed incredibly well into my skin and the overall appearance was dewy, soft to touch and my skin had a healthy glow! The texture of the moisturiser had a good consistency and didn't feel too heavy or gloopy when applied onto my skin. I also really enjoyed the scent of the Vanilla and Lime and it felt fresh and citrusey without being too overbearing!

Beard Oil (Vanilla & Lime scented) - 

This Beard Oil contains Apricot Oil to help hydrate, Argan Oil to soften the beard/facial hair and Vanilla to act as an antioxidant. I only have slight facial hair now compared to a year ago where my beard was a lot thicker and longer! However, Beard Oil is designed to work whatever the length of your beard/facial hair is so luckily this wasn't a problem for me. Like the moisturiser, I applied the Beard Oil in the morning after the Hydrator and could notice that my facial hair didn't feel as rough or as 'stubbled' as it had done prior to application. Again, the scent was delightful! Incredibly fresh and I only needed a small amount of the Beard Oil for the full effect.

I really enjoyed trying these two products out, and it was a great introduction to the Hamilton brand! For more details and to view more of their products, click here and to follow them on their Instagram, click here!

Have you tried any of the products by Hamilton before? If so, which ones? Will you be trying either of these products out? Do you enjoy using beard oils if you have a beard or facial hair? Do let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to give this post a 'like' below!