Kicking back with a bottle of Heverlee Beer is simply the perfect way to unwind after a long hard day at work this Christmas! 

Heverlee was first brewed and took inspiration from the monks back in the Medieval Times and was created in association with the Abbey of the Order of Premontre. Originating from Belgium, the Master Brewer underwent a journey to recreate and discover more about this classic taste and whilst exploring the Abbey's Library he learnt of a light and fresh tasting beer and used descriptions of the ancient beer to create Heverlee! 


Prior to trying out Heverlee Beer, I was much more of a 'spirit' drinker, Rum being my favourite, but I welcome anything that will get me a little merry, especially at this time of year! I found Heverlee to be well-brewed, rather light in the sense that it didn't make me feel bloated afterwards compared to other beers that I have had previously, and I found the taste slightly bitter yet refreshing.

Heverlee is a 4.8% Premium Belgian Lager and has officially launched here in England and is now available to purchase from your local Tesco Express Store! For more details, click here

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