Hollister’s latest fragrance launch comes in the form of: Festival Nite. Inspired by the evening drawing to a close, but the night just getting started, this fresh, spicy fragrance aims to capture the essence of a breezy, Summer evening!


  • Top Notes: Tangerine Leaf, Apple, Bergamot

  • Middle Notes: Ginger, Timut Pepper, Ambroxan

  • Base Notes: Tonka, Musk, Sandalwood

The opening begins with a fresh burst of the citrusy notes that whilst makes the fragrance rather sharp and tart, there is an undertone of the spiciness from the Timut Pepper and Ginger notes which adds a spicier kick to a rather fruity opening!

During the dry-down, the Festival Nite then begins to feel rather earthy and musky with the woody note of Sandalwood and Musk blending together with that extra hint of Tonka which rounds off the fragrance rather nicely, making this feel creamy and well bodied.

The longevity of Festival Nite lasted for up to 7 hours on my skin which was rather impressive given that the scent is an Eau De Toilette! Festival Nite could be considered as a bit of a leap from the other Hollister fragrances such as Festival Vibes which I reviewed last year here in terms of its sillage and I would say that this is light-medium with a moderate projection.

To find out more about the fragrance, click here. (With every purchase of 50ml Festival Nite, you also get a free blanket!)

Have you smelt Hollister - Festival Nite before? If so, what are your thoughts? Have you tried any fragrances by Hollister? If so, which ones? Let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you and don’t forget to click the ‘like’ button!

*Please note, Hollister - Festival Nite had been gifted to me for a review.


As the Summer draws on, I have compiled a list of a few fragrances for this Summer season! Ranging from light, citrusy and fresh, to those a little more musky, woody and bold. I hope you enjoy this Fragrance Guide and if you have any favourites then do let me know!

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  • Top Notes: Lemon, Mojito, Lime
  • Middle Notes: Guava, Pineapple, White Flowers
  • Base Notes: Cedar, Coconut Milk

A light, citrusy fragrance then settles down into a warm, creamy scent that feels both as tropical as it does sweet. I found this to be long lasting on my skin which lasted for up to 6 hours, impressive for such a light fragrance and the sillage was light-medium. Ideal for those Summer days! To purchase Calvin Klein - Summer 2018 Edition, click here.


  • Top Notes: Mandarin Orange, Juniper Berries, Sea Notes, Ozonic Notes
  • Middle Notes: Lavender, Green Apple, Violet Leaf
  • Base Notes: Seaweed, Patchouli, Ambergris

Another Calvin Klein fragrance, not to be confused however with the Summer 2018 Edition as these both differ in their own way. Eternity: Air feels spicier and a little more aquatic on my skin where the opening is fresh but quickly fades away after a couple of hours. The sillage of Eternity: Air is light and I would recommend wearing this during the day but you may find yourself topping up once or twice! To purchase Calvin Klein - Eternity: Air, click here.


  • Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Woody Notes, Green Notes

A bold, powerful opening that feels rather citrusy that soon settles down into a muskier, woodier fragrance. I found this to be more effective worn on a warm Summer's evening and the fragrance lasted for up to 4-5 hours on my skin with the sillage being medium! I'd just like to add a side note that I find the packaging of this to be absolutely sublime and is my favourite out of the list! To purchase DKNY - Men: Summer 2018 Limited Edition, click here.


  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Ginger
  • Middle Notes: Clary Sage, White Pepper
  • Base Notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood

A fresh yet spicy fragrance that encapsulates a fun day in the Sun! A light fragrance with a woody dry-down that lasted for 3-4 hours on my skin and the sillage is light. I would recommend wearing this during the day and expect a compliment or two! To purchase Tommy Hilfiger - Weekend Getaway, click here.


  • Top Notes: Pineapple, Birch Leaf, Sea Notes
  • Middle Notes: Green Notes, Woody Notes, Ginger, Bay Leaf
  • Base Notes: Oakmoss, Tonka Bean, Ambergris

A fragrance that feels aquatic and light that then dries down into a muskier scent that feels dense on my skin. Festival Vibes lasted between 4-5 hours and its sillage was medium-heavy! Definitely one to wear for a Summer's night. To purchase Hollister - Festival Vibes, click here.


Have you smelt any of these fragrances before? If so, which ones? Do you have any favourites? Have I missed any off that you feel I should know about? Would you like me to review any other fragrances for Summer? Let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click the 'like' button below!