Johnny's Chop Shop packaging instantly evokes a cool, retro, vintage feel to it, which made it exciting for me to try out these products! Before I start, I just need to mention that each one of these products smells so good!


I had been sent 4 products from the Grooming and Hair range which were;

  1. Trigger Happy - Texturising Spray
  2. Beard Oil
  3. Wild Cat - Hair Sculpting Clay
  4. Hobo Hair - Dry Shampoo

I have always had a love/hate relationship when it comes to my hair. One day I want to bleach it, the next day I want to dye it brown. One day I want to shave it all off, the next day I want to grow it long. The list is endless! However, with these products, they have helped me to like my current hair/hairstyle. (For now.) 


Trigger Happy - Texturising Spray

I applied this spray usually after a shower, so it meant that my hair was a little damp, which made it easier to work the product in and to stylise it to how I want it. I liked how the spray gave my hair more volume due to the texture of it! I found with this spray however, that it is more suited for somebody who is a fan of the 'bed-head' look, whereas for me personally, I prefer the more groomed/slick look.

Beard Oil

I really like the scent of this beard oil, it smells so masculine! The oil kept my beard feeling conditioned and feeling soft. The application of the beard oil comes out of a dropper, in which I used around 2-3 drops into the palms of my hands, and then massaged the oil into my beard.

Wild Cat - Hair Sculpting Clay

I tend to steer clear of hair clays, as I find the texture of them too tough and difficult to style my hair with. Although, with this clay, I found quite easy to style my hair and found that the clay's texture was slightly softer and felt more like 'hair gum' as opposed to a clay! Again, the scent of this smelt really fresh!

Hobo Hair - Dry Shampoo

Out of all the dry shampoos that I have come across, this is by far one of the best! This dry shampoo looks so natural when sprayed into my hair, and it genuinely looks clean! I know with a few other dry shampoos from various other brands, they have all had that white/silvery powdered effect to them, yet this one doesn't. My favourite product out of the 4, and one I would use repeatedly for those lazy days!

You can buy all of the Johnny's Chop Shop range at a local drugstore near you!

Have you tried these products before? Which is your favourite? Do you have a preference when it comes to using products in your hair? Don't forget to leave a comment down below!