What I really like about the KMS website, is the ability to select your hair-type, your needs and what is most important to you when finding a product to suit your hair. Once selected from their menus, KMS then work out the best solution for you and match you up with their selected products!

KMS very kindly sent out two of their products for me to try;

Image-3 (1).png
  1. KMS: Hair Stay Hard Wax - I will admit, at first I found it rather hard to get some wax out of the tub which given by its name, I was expecting this to be the case, so I would advise you to keep pressing down until the wax softens which will then enable you to get a small amount from it. I then rubbed the Hard Wax into my hair and began to shape it into my desired hairstyle. The Hard Wax stayed upright in my hair throughout most of the day, however, as time went on it began to lose its shape a little but was easy to reshape again! I also liked that there was no product build-up and was easy to clean out when washed.
  2. KMS: Hair Play Dry Wax Hair Spray -  I found the scent of this hairspray sublime! It was incredibly fresh and citrusy without smelling like a typical hairspray so to speak. In terms of the hairspray itself, it was very fine and settled rather quickly. I liked that my hair didn't feel strawlike either which sometimes happens with other hairsprays I have tried before! My hairstyle stayed in place for the majority of the day but like the Hard Wax, was easy to reshape if my hair fell out of place a little. 

Overall, I found these two products by KMS easy to use, great to style and experiment with and I have finally found a hairspray that smells incredible as well as being effective!

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Have you shopped with KMS before? If so, what did you purchase? What are your 'Hair Needs'? Did KMS manage to match you up with your correct solution? Let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click the 'like' button below!

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