With Label.M being the official haircare product for London Fashion Week 2016, it wasn't exactly difficult to see why.

I've used Label.M products before, their Max Wax and their Sea Salt Spray are my two must haves when it comes to haircare! The Sea Salt Spray is my absolute saviour as I dislike my hair's texture when it's clean.. It sounds odd I know, but with this spray I can really rough it up and give my hair an edge to it. I'd been sent over some of their products that they had used during London Fashion Week and my God I was excited to try these out!

The products that I'd been sent were:

  • Thickening Tonic- Unique gel to liquid formula, builds up thickness and definition with a big matte finish and a firm hold.

For me, this is one of my favourite products that they stock. I have naturally fine, straight hair as it is so I welcome any products that give me that little boost of volume. A few sprays of this product onto my hair when wet, then afterwards when it's dry tends to do the trick! My hair overall appeared to have more volume to it. You can purchase this here.

  • Max Wax- Definition and control, all day strong hold with shine.

I'd already used this product prior to having received this and as I stated earlier, it is one of my must have haircare products! The wax has a really nice scent to it, and holds my hair for a long period of time. I style my hair into a quiff and I have found often that with other products, about halfway during the day, little strands of my hair seem to fall out of place, looking as if they're being pulled down. However with this product, I never get that. So for me, that is one of the reasons why this is my all time favourite! You can purchase this here.

  • Scalp Tonic- Rich in vitamins and minerals, soothes and stimulates scalp.

Now, I'll be honest. I've not used this product as much as I have with the others simply because I'm quite lucky in the sense that I never get an irritated scalp. From the times I have used it however, I can see the benefits of using this as it is quite a cooling liquid. Be warned! It is extremely runny once squeezed out of the bottle, so make sure your palm is fully open and extended to ensure the liquid doesn't go everywhere! You can purchase this here.

  • Scalp Purifying Shampoo- Strengthens and builds thickness, leaving scalp toned and refreshed, clean, healthy results.

I find that this shampoo smells amazing! It carries the same signature scent along with the other Label.M products, so my head of hair literally carries its own 'perfumed' scent around with it once all Label.M products have been applied! You can purchase this here.

  • Invigorating Conditioner- Restores moisture and vitality, tones and balances scalp, healthy shiny results.

Again, like the shampoo this smells really nice. I only use this conditioner once weekly as I found that if I condition my hair too often, it can sometimes have the opposite effect on my hair making it appear and feel greasy! You can purchase this here.


All in all, amazing products and definitely worth checking out! Have you tried Label.M products before? Which is your favourite? Share your comments, I'd love to hear some feedback!