Scruff Stuff are a unique brand in which they sell Beard Oils, Beard Care products such as Beard combs and one off products like the Beard Comb Bottle Opener. I had been lucky enough to have been sent two of their beard oils out to try...


Scruff Stuff have six beard oils in total; Pirate's Breath, Into The Wild, Candyman, Barbershop, Morning Wood and Marshmallow. I have quite a dry, dirty sense of humour, so it was only natural that I would select their oil, 'Morning Wood.' I also selected 'Pirate's Breath' as that sounded very intriguing and I wanted to see if it smelt as gruesome as it's namesake; luckily it didn't!

I decided to try out 'Morning Wood' first and instantly the smell of Patchouli hit me. I'd lathered this onto my beard and as the day went on, my beard felt softer and the overall appearance of my beard looked more kempt, not as unruly as it may sometimes look. The scent of 'Morning Wood' has a very strong 'Aesop' feel to it and I was surprised to find that the ingredient of Geranium Leaf wasn't present in this oil. 

'Pirate's Breath' to me smells just like Christmas. It has a very strong smell of cinnamon to it, but again this ingredient is not present which makes this oil very unique! This oil also made my beard look groomed and tidy, I only wish I had received this sample during the Christmas period as I feel it would suit the Holiday Season perfectly!

Out of the two beard oils I would say that the 'Morning Wood'  has to be my favourite. I would definitely purchase this one again as I love how clean the overall smell is on my beard and how neat the appearance of it is. I've already clapped my eyes on the 'Beard Comb Bottle Opener' as well! 

To check out more of the products Scruff Stuff sell you can go visit their website here and who knows? You may be that lucky winner they select to have their beard oil delivered for free, every month for one year!

Have you tried any of the Scruff Stuff products before? Which product may you be interested in purchasing? I'd love to hear some feedback from you!