After having worked with Summerdown Mint earlier this year, I was flattered to have been approached by them once again! With it being Christmas, I received a few of their luxurious items, all of which had been gift wrapped in time for the Festive Season!

I was lucky enough to have received the following;

  • Bath Soak 

A refreshing scent of lemongrass and mint, and one that isn't too overpowering! This felt gentle whilst massaging this onto my skin, and left a subtle undertone of mint throughout the day. You can purchase the Bath Soak here

  • Summerdown Mint Candle

This candle can be smelt long after its burn, and completely fills up the whole room! As a big fan of anything 'mint', this candle is one of my new favourites. Also, don't forget to trim the wick before each burn! It helps to prevent black smoke, and makes your candle last longer.. You can purchase the Summerdown Mint Candle here.

  • Summerdown Mint Diffuser

I have previously reviewed their Diffuser earlier this year, which you can read here. I will admit, this takes me back to the Spring/Summer seasons, so although we are in the Christmas period, perhaps this could be best used for when the weather is lighter as I find the scent to be very clean and refreshing! You can purchase the Summerdown Mint Diffuser here.

  • Summerdown Mint Soap

A compact, little bar of soap which has the Mint scent through it which left my hands feeling nourished and smelling fresh! You can purchase the Summerdown Mint Soap here.

Summerdown Mint are currently offering gift wrap with each product, and also have a 'Christmas Offers' section over on their website, making your job easier to find the perfect gift! The last date for Christmas Delivery however, is the 19th December, so be sure to purchase things before then!

Have you smelt any of the Summerdown Mint products before? What did you think to it? Have you tried any of their chocolates before? Which is your favourite? Do let me know your thoughts down below, as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to hit that 'like' button! 


Before becoming a blogger, I had never really associated candles and diffusers with the Spring/Summer seasons. I had always felt that they were best suited for the cold, Autumn/Winter periods. It is safe to say that this is no longer the case, and I feel embarrassed to have only cottoned onto this now!

I had been sent two different home scents to try out; a diffuser from Summerdown Mint, and a candle from Creative Energy Candles.

  • Summerdown Mint Reed Diffuser - Lemongrass and Mint

The notes within this diffuser are; Lemongrass, Galbanum, Blackcurrant Natural Oil, Clove, Cinnamon, Mint and Cedarwood. It smells so earthy and fresh! I am a huge fan of mint, so this for me, was perfect. To begin with, I had placed this diffuser in my bedroom. However, after 2-3 hours, the scent of this diffuser became too overpowering! I moved this onto my landing, and within the first 30 minutes, you could not step anywhere within my house without being able to smell this. I love it! If you've been following my blog, you'll have noticed that strong, lingering smells are my absolute favourites. This is no different! I would highly recommend placing this diffuser somewhere where it is very open, and allows air to travel around. 

  • Creative Energy Candles - Peppermint and Eucalyptus

It was only after I had burnt this candle for the first time, that I had read the packaging properly and to my surprise, this candle wax is also an anti-aging lotion for your skin! As a beautician, I had learnt about candle wax treatments and lotions, yet this was still a pleasant surprise! The scent isn't as powerful as the diffuser, yet still just as earthy and the peppermint remains very prominent. This candle is made from Natural Soybean Wax and has a healthy combination of Vitamins A, E and K. The lotion when I applied it, absorbed itself perfectly into my skin. I loved how fresh my skin smelt, and I am still obsessed with the fact the lotion came from the candle wax!

Both of these items are perfect for this time of year, and have enlightened me to a whole new outlook of Spring/Summer home scents! You can purchase the Summerdown Mint diffuser here, and the Creative Energy candle here. 

Have you smelt either of these before? What are your favourite Spring/Summer home scents? Let me know, as I would love to hear from you!