When it comes to haircare, I have to say, I'm pretty lazy. I used to simply find a hair product, rub it into my hair until I felt it looked decent enough, and then spritz a load of hairspray on top to keep it in place. I was never overly conscious of my hair, nor did I make a massive effort, but now I have come to the realisation that it was in fact, because I was using the wrong product this whole time!

During the London Fashion Week: Mens, I received a backstage pass to the TONI&GUY event, but unfortunately, I was unable to attend. I swear I will make it to the London Fashion Week: Mens one day! (Hopefully in June..?)

TONI&GUY collaborated with Sibling to come up with a special, limited edition bundle of products, and I was very fortunate to have received this bundle that were used from the TONI&GUY Fashion Show! The goodies I received were;

  1. TONI&GUY - Styling Clay
  2. TONI&GUY - Styling Fibre
  3. TONI&GUY - Flexi Definition Gel
  4. TONI&GUY - Illuminating Hair Perfume
  5. V05 - 'Plump It Up' Dry Shampoo
  6. V05 - mattFibre
  7. V05 - liftingPaste
  8. V05 - fluffTamer

I have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting, and playing around with each product and working out which style worked best for me! That being said, the ones that stood out to me by a clear mile were...

V05 liftingPaste

When I first applied this into my hair, I began sweeping my hair backwards into a bit of a quiff, as I would do normally, and honest to God, I saw a huge difference immediately! My hair appeared thicker, and stayed upright into a quiff-like position almost effortlessly. I felt as though my hair looked more groomed and polished, and the texture of my hair still felt smooth and soft to touch! None of that 'producty' feel to it! To further prove how obsessed I am with the V05 liftingPaste, I have had a lot of compliments recently on my hair too. By far, my favourite hair product when it comes to styling, as I have noticed such a difference with this, and it does exactly what I need it to! You can purchase the V05 liftingPaste here.


Similar to the liftingPaste, this Styling Fibre does what I need it to in terms of getting my hair upright and styled. I only used a small amount each time I used this, and found that it didn't leave my hair feeling sticky or too difficult to play around with! The Styling Fibre is quite versatile in the sense that if I want to have a slightly 'bedhead' look, then this will achieve that, just as much as it would when I opt to have a more slick, groomed style. I have to say, that I found this Styling Fibre to smell quite nice too! You can purchase the TONI&GUY Styling Fibre here.


I am quite particular when it comes to dry shampoos! Mainly because in the past whenever I have used one, the dry shampoo makes my hair appear to have white patches, and it looks rather dusty.. This dry shampoo however, is completely 'patchfree' and creates a fresh, clean look to my hair! I have also enjoyed using this dry shampoo as a way to style my hair, as it adds a bit of volume and texture. You can purchase the V05 'Plump It Up' Dry Shampoo here.

To view more of the range of products by TONI&GUY, click here!

I would love to know if any of you have tried any of these products out? How do you style your hair, and what products do you use? Have you used any by TONI&GUY before? Do let me know your comments down below, and don't forget to click the 'like' button!