About a month or so ago I had the privilege of being invited to The Body Shop on Briggate in Leeds to try out a few of their products geared towards men!

Now, I'll be honest. Prior to visiting The Body Shop for my treatment, I had always thought of The Body Shop to be a little outdated and I didn't have much of an understanding of the brand other than that they did cute little bath bombs... It's safe to say that my opinion of the brand has now changed hugely, and I now understand why The Body Shop still stands on its own even after being created way back in 1976!

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Upon arrival, I was taken through to their exclusive 'VIP' section at the back of the store, something which I might add that they cannot advertise so hopefully this blog will inform some of you of this area! I met both the lovely Jess who gave me their Men's treatment and Claire who was able to document the whole duration of my stay. 

Prior to the treatment, I had a skin test to determine my skin type and to my surprise, I was classed as 'normal/oily'! I say surprised as when I have had skin tests before these have come back as 'normal/dry' but Jess explained that my skin might be oily due to the warmer weather and my skin getting used to the changes. 

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To begin with, Jess used the Guarana & Coffee Energising Cleanser to cleanse my skin of any products used prior to the application of the products. Once my skin had been cleansed, we then used the Drops of Youth Liquid Peel to exfoliate and gently peel away any impurities and dead skin cells from my skin. To rebalance and revive my skin, the Seaweed Toner was then massaged into my skin. 

Whilst I was having the facial, nearly all of the products had taken really well to my skin which I was pleasantly surprised at given that I had quite a lot of products being applied to my face! Jess then used the Oils Of Life and the Green Tea & Lemon Mattifying Moisturiser to add some moisture back into my skin. To finish off, the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion was then applied to really add a boost and a glow to complete the treatment!

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As I mentioned, all of the products had taken really well to my skin and I could immediately see a difference, my face appeared radiant and hydrated as well as feeling smooth to touch! None of the products felt too dense or heavy when applied onto my skin which allowed my skin to breathe whilst going through the treatment and overall I was thoroughly impressed with the whole experience from start to finish. I would just like to thank the lovely Jess and Claire for making my experience magical, my name was even in lights! (I felt chuffin' fabulous.)

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Oh also, yes, that is a pigs headband that I was wearing in some of the photographs to keep the hair out of my face...

Thank you to the team at The Body Shop in Leeds for inviting me along for a treatment and to experience the Mens collection and I do hope to return soon!

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Have you shopped with The Body Shop before? If so, what did you purchase? Which is your favourite product? Are there any you feel I need to try out? Do let me know your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you, and don't forget to click the 'like' button below!