For some peculiar reason, I have never actually owned a watch. I guess I'm just not an 'accessory' person, and any watches I have tried on in the past, have never fit me correctly due to me having matchstick wrists/arms. (I'm currently working on this!)

So when Unknown Watches contacted me with the chance of me selecting my own watch, I naturally jumped at the chance! A wide variety of different watches all varying from the colour of the straps, different patterned faces, the colour of the arm, even down to the personalisation of having your own watch monogrammed! 

I chose the Dandy Black Dial & Gold watch, as I felt it was striking, stylish and of course, I had the watch monogrammed with my initials; MLC. 

What do you think to my choice? Have you seen any from their website that you would like? Let me know your feedback down below, as I would love to know which watch you would select!