As of late, I have been growing my hair long, and whilst I am enjoying the new style, it has been a slight problem with regards to styling it! I say this, because now my hair is longer, the weight of it drops slightly making it harder for it to stay upright in the style I have it in.

I had been sent two products by Windle & Moodie for me to trial which were;

  • Volcanic Ash Wax
  • Matte Paste


'Contains Volcanic Ash, and three naturally derived waxes to give a strong, gritty, and a matte textured finish.'

I rubbed a pea sized amount of this into the palms of my hands and then began applying the wax into my hair. The wax definitely provided my hair with a matte finish to it, which is ideal for the style I go for! 

My hair managed to stay in the style for the duration of my day's activity, and the texture of the wax didn't feel too rigid or hard.

You can purchase the Volcanic Ash Wax here.


'A unique blend of waxes to give a matte hold to short and croppy styles. Adds texture, definition and structure to all hair types.'

The application of the Matte Paste was the same with the Volcanic Ash Wax, only it felt easier and softer to apply. The paste however, didn't produce the same results and the paste didn't withhold my hairstyle for very long.. But as stated, my hair is longer now so I wouldn't have expected the Matte Paste to have lasted as long as the Volcanic Ash Wax due to the Matte Paste being designed for shorter hair length! That being said, I did find the Matte Paste to have a nice, clean and fresh scent!

You can purchase the Matte Paste here.


Overall, the Volcanic Ash Wax was my favourite due to it producing good results, and for maintaining my hairstyle throughout the day's activity! I also want to mention the packaging of both of the products, I find the artwork emblazoned across the lid really striking, and the sizing of each pot is great, especially for travelling!

Have you tried either of these Windle & Moodie products before? If so, which one? What are your thoughts to the products? Which is your favourite? Let me know your comments down below, and don't forget to click that 'like' button!